Hey! I’m definitely considering buying this product, but the one big question I have is whether runs can be customized to last for longer than 20-30 minutes (which seems to be the standard I’ve heard them lasting for). I’m a half marathon runner, so all of my runs are longer than an hour and 8+ miles, and ideally this game too would last for a full hour of my run. In addition, can I run this application at the same time as using Nike+, RunKeeper, or iMap??

On iOS, you have the ability to increase the run length from 30 minutes to 1 hour, by increasing the number of songs that play between story clips – and we’ll be bring this to Android as well in the future. However, once you’ve finished a mission, you automatically switch into ‘radio mode’ where you get receiving transmissions from the in-game radio station, so even though the mission has finished, you’re still getting story!

And yes, you can run the game at the same time as Nike+ and Runkeeper!

Fearsome Facebook and Twitter Integration!

You’ve just returned from a tough mission as Runner 5 – you’ve evaded zombies, collected supplies, saved lives – dammit, you deserve some recognition from your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Up to now, you’ve had to manually share runs to Facebook and Twitter, either from within the app or on ZombieLink. Those dark days end today, because ZombieLink users can now connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts to enable automatic sharing!

Just visit the ‘Account’ tab in the header and follow the instructions in the ‘Facebook & Twitter’ section.

Even better, we’ve fully integrated with Facebook so that publicly shared runs and maps will show up directly on your profile and within our Zombies, Run! Facebook app – check it out:

Automatic sharing requires:

  • Version 1.3+ on iOS and 1.0+ on Android
  • A ZombieLink account with connected Facebook and/or Twitter accounts
  • Your run and/or maps marked as ‘Shared’ on your Run Complete screen (iOS) or in the Settings tab (Android)

I’ve been eager to get your app but have been seeing a number of issues related to music in the reviews. Is Winamp really the only program I can use? Because that seems to have a number of problems on its own. My current running program just uses my playlists in my native player (and allows me to build my own in the program itself)…but I’d rather run from zombies and am wanting to change up!

We know that the native music player works on Android 2.3, but on 4.0 (ICS) the only available music player is ‘Play Music’, which doesn’t seem to work – so, Your Mileage May Vary! We know for certain that WinAmp works for everyone, and it may well be that other players will also work.

Android 1.0.1 – Audio, Sharing, and Bug Improvements

We just released a 1.0.1 update to our Android app which contains some nice little improvements including:

  • ‘Audio ducking’ to reduce music volume while game audio is playing
  • New Sharing options in the Settings tab to automatically share runs on ZombieLink and beyond
  • Many minor crashes fixed

If you were quick enough to download our 1.0 update last night, which also contained these improvements, you’ll have unfortunately experienced a major bug where the game crashed on startup.

As soon as we started receiving reports, we rushed out this 1.0.1 update that fixed the crashing problem; mad props to lead dev Alex Macmillan for going beyond the call of duty to keep everyone running happy!

We’re also hard at work on our 1.4 update for iOS which has lots of new features and content we know you’ll love, so if you’re feeling neglected… don’t be!

Finally, stay tuned for an update later today about Facebook and Twitter sharing…!

Android 0.9.3: Radio Abel, Tutorial, and more!

We sneaked out a 0.9.3 Android update on Friday, so in case you haven’t seen or downloaded it, here are some of the goodies it holds within:

  • Radio Abel! Keep hearing about these mysterious ‘Jack’ and ‘Eugene’ characters? Wonder no more: if you keep running after a mission ends, the game will automatically shift into radio mode and you’ll hear transmissions from the fine folks at Radio Abel.
  • New players will see a tutorial to introduce the game
  • Your music tracks will be synced to, and viewable from, ZombieLink

And as ever, there are some important bug fixes including:

  • UI: Mission 5 will now show as completed
  • Shuffle: *All* tracks in your playlist are shuffled
  • GPS: We start getting a fix before the mission begins to improve speed and accuracy
  • Various fixes for keyboard phones

And naturally, there’s more to come in the future, including seven Supply Missions, mission logs on the device, and accelerometer mode!

So if you have Zombies, Run! on your Android, update it now – and if you don’t… well, humanity isn’t going to save itself!