Android 1.0.1 – Audio, Sharing, and Bug Improvements

We just released a 1.0.1 update to our Android app which contains some nice little improvements including:

  • ‘Audio ducking’ to reduce music volume while game audio is playing
  • New Sharing options in the Settings tab to automatically share runs on ZombieLink and beyond
  • Many minor crashes fixed

If you were quick enough to download our 1.0 update last night, which also contained these improvements, you’ll have unfortunately experienced a major bug where the game crashed on startup.

As soon as we started receiving reports, we rushed out this 1.0.1 update that fixed the crashing problem; mad props to lead dev Alex Macmillan for going beyond the call of duty to keep everyone running happy!

We’re also hard at work on our 1.4 update for iOS which has lots of new features and content we know you’ll love, so if you’re feeling neglected… don’t be!

Finally, stay tuned for an update later today about Facebook and Twitter sharing…!