Fearsome Facebook and Twitter Integration!

You’ve just returned from a tough mission as Runner 5 – you’ve evaded zombies, collected supplies, saved lives – dammit, you deserve some recognition from your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Up to now, you’ve had to manually share runs to Facebook and Twitter, either from within the app or on ZombieLink. Those dark days end today, because ZombieLink users can now connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts to enable automatic sharing!

Just visit the ‘Account’ tab in the header and follow the instructions in the ‘Facebook & Twitter’ section.

Even better, we’ve fully integrated with Facebook so that publicly shared runs and maps will show up directly on your profile and within our Zombies, Run! Facebook app – check it out:

Automatic sharing requires:

  • Version 1.3+ on iOS and 1.0+ on Android
  • A ZombieLink account with connected Facebook and/or Twitter accounts
  • Your run and/or maps marked as ‘Shared’ on your Run Complete screen (iOS) or in the Settings tab (Android)