Hey! I’m definitely considering buying this product, but the one big question I have is whether runs can be customized to last for longer than 20-30 minutes (which seems to be the standard I’ve heard them lasting for). I’m a half marathon runner, so all of my runs are longer than an hour and 8+ miles, and ideally this game too would last for a full hour of my run. In addition, can I run this application at the same time as using Nike+, RunKeeper, or iMap??

On iOS, you have the ability to increase the run length from 30 minutes to 1 hour, by increasing the number of songs that play between story clips – and we’ll be bring this to Android as well in the future. However, once you’ve finished a mission, you automatically switch into ‘radio mode’ where you get receiving transmissions from the in-game radio station, so even though the mission has finished, you’re still getting story!

And yes, you can run the game at the same time as Nike+ and Runkeeper!