Android 0.9.3: Radio Abel, Tutorial, and more!

We sneaked out a 0.9.3 Android update on Friday, so in case you haven’t seen or downloaded it, here are some of the goodies it holds within:

  • Radio Abel! Keep hearing about these mysterious ‘Jack’ and ‘Eugene’ characters? Wonder no more: if you keep running after a mission ends, the game will automatically shift into radio mode and you’ll hear transmissions from the fine folks at Radio Abel.
  • New players will see a tutorial to introduce the game
  • Your music tracks will be synced to, and viewable from, ZombieLink

And as ever, there are some important bug fixes including:

  • UI: Mission 5 will now show as completed
  • Shuffle: *All* tracks in your playlist are shuffled
  • GPS: We start getting a fix before the mission begins to improve speed and accuracy
  • Various fixes for keyboard phones

And naturally, there’s more to come in the future, including seven Supply Missions, mission logs on the device, and accelerometer mode!

So if you have Zombies, Run! on your Android, update it now – and if you don’t… well, humanity isn’t going to save itself!