Interview with Jonathan Sims

We talked to Jonathan Sims, writer of our five-part horror New Adventure The Graveyard Route, about the evolution of the horror genre, historical influences, and the unique challenges of writing for fitness!

What do you particularly like about the horror genre?

It’s always been a genre that has compelled me. Some of my earliest favourite stories were from a ratty old copy of MR James’ tales. In my teens I graduated to classic gothic horror, then to the movies of the 80s and 90s as I went to university. Online creepypasta came into its own as I was starting my own writing, and recently the rise of unfiction and YouTube horror has been fascinating to watch. It’s a genre that continually finds new ways to intrigue me and scare me out of my wits. I also find it a wonderful genre to explore darker and more complex themes – plus it’s just great fun to write!

How is writing for the Zombies, Run! format different to writing regular audio drama? Did you enjoy the gaming aspect?

I’ve always been a big fan of Zombies, Run! and used it myself while doing a couch to 5k a few years ago. It’s a really interesting challenge to write for as well, especially the shorter and quite rigid scene lengths, and the fact that you always have to keep in mind the presence of the player as an active, silent, presence. The series I wrote doesn’t interact with the gaming side of Zombies, Run! directly, but the requirement to keep the listener active and “playing” adds a really lovely momentum to the writing.

A book cover for Thirteen Storeys showing an elevator keypad with 13 buttons, and a trickle of blood
Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims

The Graveyard Route is a horror anthology, like some of your previous work, including The Magnus Archives podcast and your novel Thirteen Storeys. What do you like about this format?

Horror is an interesting genre, in that to be effective the rhythm of it is just as important as character or plot, arguably more so. The atmosphere and dread need to build up to a crescendo point, then (ideally) land on a terrifying moment or dreadful piece of imagery. Because of this, it excels in short form, as the story doesn’t need to outstay that climax too long (and the protagonists don’t need to survive!). This does mean it sometimes struggles in longer form, as the scares can feel drawn out or inert. Linked anthologies are in some ways the best of both worlds, as it allows the gradual development of a longer narrative without having to sacrifice the bite-sized format that serves it so well.

How did you go about creating the different ghost characters?

They all started with the graveyard itself. Pittford Cemetery was maybe the first character I sat down and properly thought out: its atmosphere, its location and, most importantly, its history. What was its relationship to the surrounding lands and communities across the different eras of English history? Once I had that, the ghosts very much leapt out at me, three different ways of relating to the graveyard and the area around it: the local craftswoman, the heir to the estate, the woman of faith. Then it was simply a matter of figuring out their tales and the awful things that had happened to each of them, ideas that tend to come easily if you’ve been writing horror stories for a while.

An evening sky with gravestones in silhouette against it
Photo by JF Martin on Unsplash

The Graveyard Route mentions the Picts. Can you talk about the historical influences on the story?

I was very keen to tie English history and that sense of the past into the story, and while the ghosts themselves are all from comparatively recent centuries, I wanted to draw in some older influences. The early eras of the British Isles are fascinating to me, as they’re often reduced to simple terms (Roman, Early Medieval, Norman, etc.), but have always in actuality been a complex network of tribes and cultures and civilisations, most of which get elided or shuffled together in the historical imagination. The Picts are such group, and tend to be a bit side-lined in favour of the better-remembered Celts or Saxons, so I decided to dive into a bit of research. Plus, I wanted a bit of mystical flavour, and Latin felt a bit trite, so I thought some Pictish symbol stones might be fun – and might encourage people to look up image of Pictish symbol stones, because they’re really cool!

Is there any horror you’d like to recommend – books, films, games etc?

My list is always a bit too long for this question, so I try to tailor my recommendations to the work itself. For this one, I’d probably go with a bit of a meta-recommendation: Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched is a documentary about Folk Horror currently showing on Shudder. It’s a pretty solid documentary, but more importantly, it’s a really great to-watch list of excellent Folk Horror movies, many of which were very present in my mind while working on this series. I’ll also give a shout-out to The Excavation of Hobb’s Barrow, a point-and-click video game I’ve just started playing that so far has some really good vibes comparable to The Graveyard Route.

Introducing The Graveyard Route by Jonny Sims

Hello horror fans and welcome to our very special five-part Halloween New Adventure, The Graveyard Route!

A podcast tour of the picturesque Pittford Cemetery seems like the perfect way to spend an evening. But as the night draws in, there are voices in the shadows and a dark past that should not be forgotten. You have the Sight, and the inhabitants of the cemetery are grateful to tell you the tales of woe and misfortune which brought them to rest here. A poor woman whose foresight made her a pariah. A wealthy heir whose unsavoury pastimes led to ruin. A pious nun whose visions heralded terrible tragedy.

Are you able to help them, or will your Sight bring just as much ruin to you?

It’s written by Jonathan Sims, writer and lead actor of hit horror podcast The Magnus Archives, and author of Thirteen Stories and the brand new Family Business.

Episode 1 launches on Tuesday October 25th!

How to get The Graveyard Route

The Graveyard Route is completely free, and exclusively available in the Zombies, Run! app on Android and iPhone. You can download Zombies, Run! for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, select an episode, and join the tour!

You won’t be surprised to hear that Zombies, Run! is designed around running. That’s how our main story works – you run in the real world accompanied by a thrilling zombie apocalypse audio adventure, and when you get chased by zombies, you have to speed up! The Graveyard Route is also designed to be listened to while you walk, jog, or run – and even better, our wide range of tracking settings mean this story is accessible for almost everyone.

Whether you feel like running or not, you can choose the distance or length of time you’d like each episode to last for. If you are running, choose our GPS and Step Counting options; and if you aren’t, just choose “Simulate running”. There’s no speed requirement, and you’ll never be penalised for not being fast enough. And if you pick a music playlist, we’ll fill the time between story clips with your creepiest tunes!

Live Twitch Event!

A microphone, pair of headphones, and camera on a table
Photo by Stanley Li on Unsplash

To celebrate this special set of missions, you can join us for a conversation between director, Ella Watts, creative lead Matt Wieteska, and Jonathan Sims himself. Catch it over on our Twitch channel on October 26th 8pm, just after the release of Episode 1!

If you like The Magnus Archives then…

We’re incredibly excited to bring you The Graveyard Route, but while you wait, why not check out some of our other stories which are sure to give devoted horror fans a chill, and it goes far beyond zombies!

In Between the Lines, take a run with the thrilling audiobook ‘Never Alone’. A man with mysterious motives, a long abandoned house, and a secret that bled into the ground itself. Are you ready, rabbitfoot?

In Little Red, you’re a mercenary hired to escort a girl to her grandmother’s house. It should be an easy task. But are there worse things in the woods than big bad wolves?

In The 13th Runner, set out on a running route which has become near mythical. Twelve people have attempted it, but no-one has completed it. Is it just a tough challenge, or are you being trolled?

In Lost in the Corn, a summer picnic with your best friends takes a turn for the horrifying. Is it all a practical joke, or is something lurking between the rows of corn?

In Godmaker, a five-part New Adventure by award-winning writer Mur Lafferty, become an apprentice to the Godmaker as you learn to craft idols for the people of the Necropolis. But war is breaking out, something is hiding in the ossuaries, and the idols are awakening!

In White Out, travel to the far North as you train with your dog sled. but there’s a musher missing, and something strange in the old trapper cabin. Will you survive the winter?

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A Year of New Adventures

Between releasing the Home Front Home Workouts, and our tenth Virtual Race, it’s hard to believe that our first round of New Adventures submissions only took place a year ago and we’re in the process of recording the last of them! We’ve come a long way since then and are currently working our way through our second round of submissions to find our next set of exciting stories.

With that underway, we are taking a look at the New Adventures that we’ve released over the last year!

Between the Lines

A two-headed figure, with a hypnotic background
Between the Lines by Tom Crowley

A man with mysterious motives, a long abandoned house and a secret that bled into the ground itself. Put your headphones in and enjoy this thrilling audiobook ‘Never Alone’! But there may be more than meets the ear in this deadly tale, by Tom Crowley (Wooden Overcoats podcast).

Genre: Mystery, horror

Length: 1 Episode

A Study in Ichor

Two figures in Victorian clothing
A Study in Ichor by the Zombies, Run! team

A stolen watch, a fleet-footed thief, and the project to build London’s underground railway lead to the discovery of a darker secret lurking in the city’s underbelly. You’d better keep your wits about you in this New Adventure from the Zombies, Run! team.

Genre: Horror, adventure

Length: 5 Episodes

Nellie Bly

A woman standing in front of an old fashioned map
Nellie Bly by Jessica Wright Buha

Join crusading journalist Nellie Bly as she races to travel around the world in under 80 days. This five-part series by Jessica Wright Buha (Unwell podcast) will take you on a whistle stop tour of the globe in the late 1800s, as Nellie sets off from New York in an attempt to beat the time of Jules Verne’s famous novel. 

Genre: Historical adventure

Length: 5 Episodes

Wreck Runner

Three figures in space suits running across the outside of a space station
Wreck Runner by Mur Lafferty and Alasdair Stuart

Welcome to SolFleet! As a member of a salvage crew, you explore the remains of spaceships, recover abandoned supplies, information, and sometimes people. But when a ship missing for a decade emerges from hiding, you might have bigger problems than meeting your salvage quota in this New Adventure from Mur Lafferty (EscapePod, Ditch Diggers, Six Wakes), and Alasdair Stuart (Escape Artists podcast).

Genre: Sci-fi, adventure

Length: 3 Episodes

Volcano Race

A graphic of a volcanic eruption
Volcano Race by Alex Acks

As a technical intern working to gather data on Mt. Archie, you expected the work to be hard – you didn’t expect it to be life threatening. When you pick up abnormal readings from the mountain, it’s clear that an eruption is imminent, and you’re in the blast radius, in this two-part New Adventure by Alex Acks (Superhero Workout, Hunger Makes the Wolf).

Genre: Action, science

Length: 2 Episodes (1 training mission + 10K race)

Dinosaur Dash

A graphic of a T-rex in a forest
Dinosaur Dash by Andrea Phillips

A top secret research outpost beneath the ice has made an amazing discovery – living dinosaurs! But some of the research team have gone missing, and there’s evidence of sabotage. You’ll need to move quickly to save your people before the dinos get them, in this thrilling race from Andrea Phillips (The Walk, America Inc.)

Genre: Action, adventure

Length: 3 episodes (2 training missions +5K/10K race)

Little Red

A young girl in a red cloak walking through a forest. A wolf prowls behind her.
Little Red by Corvyn Appleby

Dare you go into the woods at night? You’re a mercenary hired to protect one small girl visiting a relative, but there’s a monster on the loose, and grandmother’s house is so very far away. You’d better move quickly, because there are worse things than wolves waiting in the dark, in this creepy tale by Corvyn Appleby.

Genre: Horror, dark fantasy

Length: 1 Episode

Venus Rising

A graphic of a city in the clouds of Venus
Venus Rising by Elliott Gresswell

Pandora Haze’s Venus colony is a marvel of engineering. But something has gone very wrong. With the colony out of contact for weeks, you are sent in as the rescue squad. Will you find the survivors there? Or is there something much worse waiting for you?

Genre: Sci-fi Horror

Length: 5 Episodes

Run Olympus Mons

A figure in a spacesuit running across Mars
Run Olympus Mons

Put on your space suit and travel across the surface as Mars as you climb the tallest mountain in the solar system – Olympus Mons. With your guide, scale cliffs and cross craters as you learn about the history and science of the red planet.

Genre: Non-fiction

Length: 1 Episode

Rule Britannia

A roman style helmet and armour
Rule Britannia by the Zombies, Run! team

A letter from the Roman Emperor could lead to peace between your camp, and the Pictish forces you’re at war with. But there’s a dark plan afoot, and worse things than enemy warriors in the world. Travel back to Roman Britain and encounter some familiar faces in this New Adventure from the Zombies, Run! team.

Genre: Action-adventure

Length: 5 Episodes

Grand Canyon

Photograph of the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon by Alex Acks

Created over the course of millions of years, the Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the natural world. In this 5k or 10k mission by Alex Acks (Superhero Workout, Hunger Makes the Wolf), journey along the full 446km length of the Grand Canyon to explore its fascinating cultural and geological history.

Genre: Non-fiction

Length: 2 Episodes (1 Training mission + 5K/10K race)


Two women standing back to back, against a background of flowers
Matchmaker by Emily Short

You have reached Silver Bells Matchmaking! For a consultation, press 1. 

Can a matchmaking service using all the latest tech really find a perfect match? Antonia and Laura definitely think so, and have agreed to record a ringing endorsement for the company. But is wedded bliss truly on the horizon for the couple? Mistakes, missed connections, and meddling relatives, stand in the way of happiness in this romantic comedy by Emily Short (BBC Game Over, Sunless Sea).

Genre: Romantic comedy

Length: 1 Episode

Home Run

A figure playing baseball and surrounded by tentacles

In conjunction with Internet League Blaseball, we present to you this special broadcast! Become Blaseball star Pendleton Hampers as you take on the pitcher’s mound and the horrors that lie beyond. Run the bases as if your life depended on it!

Genre: Blaseball, weird

Length: 1 Episode

Lewis and Clark

Several people in old fashioned clothing. One is holding a map.
Lewis and Clark, by Alex Acks

Join your ChronoRun time travel companion as you embark on a journey across North America and learn about the trials and tribulation of Lewis and Clark’s expedition to the Pacific in this 2-part New Adventure by Alex Acks (Superhero Workout, Hunger Makes the Wolf).

Genre: Historical non-fiction

Length: 2 Episodes (1 Training Mission + 10K race)

Track the Ripper

A man in an old fashioned police uniform running
Track the Ripper by Lulu Khadim

Team up with Detective Marsh and Sergeant Swift to catch Jack the Ripper before the next attack!

Genre: Historical drama

Length: 1 Episode

Journey to the Centre of the Eye

A graphic with neon purple and the words Fight for Sight
Journey to the Centre of the Eye in association with Fight for Sight

Shrink down to the size of a photon, and explore the inner workings of your eye and how every part works together to allow you to see!

Genre: Non-fiction

Length: 1 Episode (10K race)

Run the Solar System

A picture of the Milky Way
Run the Solar System with the British Science Association

From the heat of the sun, to the outermost icy planets, explore the breadth of our solar system. The race chronicles a journey from the Sun to Neptune, with a bonus astronaut training mission to prepare you for space!

Genre: Non-fiction

Length: 2 Episodes (1 Training Mission + 10K race)

Run with the Ancestors

A bare footprint on a brown background
Run with the Ancestors with the British Science Association

Travel back in time one million years to explore the earliest days of humans in Britain. Explore a landscape dominated by mammoths and sabre-toothed cats, and learn about the changing fortunes of the people who first set foot on this land.

Genre: Non-fiction

Length: 1 Episode (5K or 10K race)

Run to the Deep

A stylised graphic of an Octopus against a deep sea background
Run to the Deep with the British Science Association

Explore the ocean, from the surface to depths of the abyss! Accompanied by explorer Pierre-Yves Cousteau, discover amazing seascapes and alien environments, and the creatures that live beneath the waves.

Genre: Non-fiction

Length: 1 Epsiode

The Most Wonderful Time of Year!

As professional zombie wranglers, it’s easy to pick out a favourite day of the year. Halloween of course (and also World Zombie Day on October 10th but that involves less chocolate and sweets)! The time of year when all the ghosts and ghouls rise from the grave, and we unleash the zombie hordes into the world for a night of doing the Monster Mash and dancing to Thriller.

But there’s worse than the rotting undead abroad! With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at some of the spookier goings on at Abel Township!

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

A warning sign saying Spoilers Ahead

An obvious choice perhaps, but this trio of Halloween themed missions are just what you need as the nights draw in.

Season 2 Halloween Missions

In Living Dead Girl, you help Jack and Eugene track down a lost artefact – the final record of a singer who died before it was released, and whose voice can be heard on a track she never recorded. Is this just an urban legend from the music world? Or is the record truly more than it seems?

In Horseplay, you head out for vital Halloween supplies for the festivities. But it’s dark outside, and there’s something on your trail. Is the creature following you just a figment of your imagination? Or are tales of the headless horseman real?

Three figures with arms outstretched

In Wai Chu Xiao Xin you join Sam on a trip to Chinatown to find supplies for a special meal, and to reminisce about his upbringing and the folklore of his childhood. Chinatown has been quiet for months, but is there something worse than zombies lying in wait?

SOS and You’re Rocking the Boat (Season 2 Missions 13+14)

A mysterious distress call summons Runner 5 to a wrecked cruise ship. The inhabitants had been trying to sit out the apocalypse at sea, but now they’re overwhelmed by zombies. As you venture into the heart of the vessel, the questions just keep coming. How did the ship know about you, and is there something worse than zombies lurking in the belly of the boat?

Ghost Town (Season 2 Mission 28)

There’s a thriving settlement gone dark on Rofflenet, and you’re sent to investigate with no idea of what you’ll find once you venture past the gates. Technical troubles? Zombies? Or has something more sinister taken its toll?

Old World (Season 3 Mission 36)

Liddlestone St. Crispin was never meant to be more than a tourist attraction – but the replica medieval walls definitely proved their worth when it came to the zombie apocalypse. But the residents want to burn it down, destroying vital information. It’s up to you, Exorcist Five, to get rid of the ghost haunting the town and find the information you need to save Abel!

History Repeating and Church of the Poison Mind (Season 4 Missions 13+14)

Follow the path of an ancient Edda on the trail of the origin of the zombie plague! From a sunken Viking village, to mysterious standing stones, to caverns hidden beneath the earth, will you find the knowledge that you seek? Or will the dead claim you at last?

Between the Lines (A New Adventure)

A person wearing headphones, with another person silhouetted in black behind them

Take a gentle run through the park with an Active Listen audiobook! In ‘Never Alone’, a stranger arrives in town with motives that are far from pure. But is the story hitting closer to home than you realised?

The first of our comissioned New Adventures, Between the Lines is a story that’s sure to send shivers down your spine this Halloween!

Race Medal Roundup!

Lots of things have changed since 2015. We’ve made 5 seasons of Zombies, Run!, created a board game and released a book!

We also started making our Virtual Races. The first race came out in October 2015 and now, in Spring 2020, we’re releasing our tenth Virtual Race, ‘Five’, where you will investigate the Abel Manor Murders and solve a crime that has been repeating down the generations.

In honour of this, we thought we’d do a roundup of ten races worth of medals!


A medal with a running figuresaying 2015

Virtual Race 1 sees Runner 5 take part in a friendly race against other survivor settlements, to be the first to claim a golden surprise! But the other participants might not be all that they seem.


A medal showing a stylised 5

In Virtual Race 2, you are part of an elite taskforce, sent to infiltrate a town under lockdown, and disarm a nuclear device that could wipe out the UK!


A medal showing a strand of  DNA

With a deadly train of flu sweeping the country, Virtual Race 3 sends you into the abandoned remains of a high-tech pharmaceutical company to find the vaccine! but there are more than zombies hunting you down!


A medal showing two crossed axes with stars around the edge of the medal

Virtual Race 4 sees you as part of the European Rescue Force, a squad dedicated to helping people trapped in emergency situations. You’re sent out to rescue a train caught in the middle of the Channel Tunnel, but there may be more going on than you realise.


A medal showing a running figure and a giant hand reaching for them

Virtual Race 5, our first Halloween race, sees you investigating the dark arts, when a monster is summoned through a D&D game gone awry! But can you trust everyone around you?


Join Sara Smith in Virtual Race 6, and go up against Xenobia, an infamous thief, who has their sights set on the Crown Jewels! But the mysterious Xenobia is a wily enemy. Can you escape their clutches?


A mysterious scientist. An island of horrors. A clock running down to your escape! Virtual Race 7 sends you to Tomorrow Island on the trail of a scientific discovery that could save thousands of lives. But the island is filled with horrific monsters, and they’re not always who you’d expect.


A rectangular medal that looks like a train ticket

It’s all aboard the New Oban Express in Virtual Race 8! A train at the cutting edge of technology makes its maiden voyage. But there’s a mysterious plague spreading through the country, and not everything on the train is up to code.


A circular medal showing a circus big top

Roll up! Roll up! It’s all the fun of the fair in Virtual Race 9! A mysterious funfair has come to town, promising respite from the undead hordes. But there are worse things than zombies in store behind the gates.


A medal that looks like a police badge

It’s here! The Virtual Race 10 medal takes the form of an investigator’s badge as you try to solve the centuries old mystery at the heart of Abel Manor.

Fear not, you still have time to get your hands on this medal by joining our race. Sign up now at

Which New Adventure should I play next?

With the release of Run with the Ancestors, we now have ten New Adventures waiting for you to try in Zombies, Run!, and plenty more to come. Whether you’re waiting for Season 9, or need a break from Abel Township (impossible!), we’re sure you’ll find something to keep you company on your next run with the help of our handy guide!

I just need something to tide me over to Season 9! I miss Abel!

You should try some of our other missions set in the Zombies, Run! universe! We have the Race Missions, for longer stories set in Season 1, Supply missions for when you aren’t sure how long you want to run for, Interval Training, for when you want some more intensive training,  and try catching up with Radio mode to satisfy the craving while you wait.

I do like zombies, but want something a bit more like The Walking Dead.

Try Dystopia Rising! This post-apocalyptic adventure sees you joining a band of mercenaries set to guarding a caravan of traders and travellers as they head towards a new settlement. But there are terrible things waiting in the woods, and secrets waiting around every corner.

I’m a bit of a sci-fi junkie and I’ve run out of episodes of The Expanse.

Check out Venus Rising!

Set in the future, you’re heading to Venus Colony One to investigate why the colony has cut off all communications. Explore the settlement, search for survivors, and discover the deep secrets of the planet.

I  love sci-fi, but I’d like to learn more about space in reality!

We can do that! Escape orbit and train to be an astronaut, with Run the Solar System.

This British Science Association run will put you through your paces as a trainee astronaut, and then guide you through local space to explore the planets that make up our solar system.

Or you can learn about the surface of Mars, as you climb the tallest mountain in the solar system with Run Olympus Mons!

Let’s bring it back to Earth. I am a fan of science, but also… disaster movies!

Not a problem. We think you’ll love Volcano Race!

Become a technical intern for a team of Volcanologists studying Mt. Archie. But when the mountain erupts, you’ll have to run for your life to escape the ash and lava flow!

I like a bit of period drama, with a darker edge. Think Ripper Street or Sherlock Holmes.

Allow me to recommend Track the Ripper! Join up with the City of London police and explore the streets of Victorian London on the trail of a notorious killer.

No, more historical than that!

We understand! Delve into Rule Britannia! It’s Gladiator meets Zombies, Run! Travel almost 2000 years into the past and become Roman Legionary Quintus and help to stop a war with the Picts along with your good friend Sam. Eh… Samnium. 

Even more historical! I mean, really historical!

If you want to go into the far reaches of history, then explore the origins of humanity itself in Run with the Ancestors!

This run from the British Science Association will take you a million years back in time, to the very earliest humans in Britain. Follow the development of our species and the landscape right up to the present day.

Ooooh, I do like documentaries! Do you have anything like the Blue Planet?

Run to the Deep, made with the British Science Association, will definitely scratch that itch!

Go diving with expert explorers and scientists, and explore our oceans. Discover the incredible variety of life that the waters of our planet harbours, as you travel from the surface down to the blackest depths.

I’m not good with depths, but I do like the idea of exploring.

Then check out Lewis & Clark! You’ll travel back in time on a historical tour of an expedition to reach the west coast of the USA. See all the preparation that went into the expedition, and join it as they travel up the Missouri river and cross the Rockies on their way to the Pacific.

Whatever your interests, we’re sure that you’ll find something to get you running! What’s your favourite New Adventure?

App Update February 2020

In the run up to the Spring Virtual Race and Season 9 of Zombies, Run! we’ve been hard at work on the app, so it’s now more stable than ever!

On both Android and iPhone we have:

  • Added a New Adventure category screen. With nine New Adventures, and many more to come, we thought it was about time we made those easier to find
  • Added more useful information to the Support screen. It will now show your subscription status and ZombieLink username if you’re logged in, as well as the same information about app version and what type of phone you’re using.
  • Moved the Race Missions to the Season 1 Missions list. All you’ll need to do to reach them is tap Missions > Story Missions and scroll down to find these essential parts of the story!

On Android (version 8.6.2) we have:

  • Improved 5K run log display
  • Fixed Google Fit integration
  • Improved Navbar, Home, and Membership screen accessibility when using TalkBack
  • Fixed creating/editing Interval Training workouts for Legacy users
  • Fixed GPS setting for new users
  • Fixed Wear countdown bug
  • Added other bug fixes and performance improvements

On iPhone (version 8.6.1) we have:

  • Fixed mission unlocks not working for S1-3 (from 8.6.0)
  • Added various crash fixes and performance improvements

Where have Races gone?

You might have noticed a change on the Missions screen in Zombies, Run!: the Races section has vanished!

But never fear, Races have not been removed from the app. Instead, they’re now in the Season 1 story list! This is because they’re an important part of the Season 1 storyline, and we wanted to make that more obvious. We’ve had plenty of people miss them while running because they were tucked away in a different section, and hopefully this will make them easier to find!

All you’ll need to do to reach them is tap Missions > Story Missions and scroll down to find the Abel Township and New Canton race missions. We haven’t changed how they work: Abel Runner’s Club members can run them all immediately, while free users can use their weekly unlock to get access.

Zombie Taxonomy

Zombies are everywhere these days, and we don’t mean in a ‘do we really need another remake of a Romero film?’ way. As soon as you step outside the walls of your settlement, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll spot at least one on the horizon.

You may think that one zombie is very much like another; they’re all just groaning corpses, right? 

Wrong! There are as many variations on a zombie as there were zombie movies before the apocalypse. Knowing which kinds you’re likely to encounter in the wild could be what saves your life!


Your standard ambulatory zombie. Chances are you’ve already beaten in the skull of at least one of them. Seen in various states of decay. The fresher they are, the faster usually, but you’re still likely to be able to outpace them if you put on a burst of speed. Getting to the roof of a building can help if there’s only ladder access, as can climbing a tree. 

The real danger comes when they’re in groups. A pack of zoms can quickly overwhelm you and all it takes is a scratch before you’re joining the horde. Always try to shake them off quickly, because one or two zombies tend to attract more, and over long distances, your stamina will give out long before theirs!


You’d think that zombies without legs would be pretty useless. However crawlers have their own special set of risks associated with them. These zombies have a nasty habit of hiding in undergrowth or under rubble, ready to nip at the ankles of the unwary like your former neighbour’s demonic chihuahua (before your neighbour became a zombie too).

Thankfully they’re even slower than normal shamblers, so as long as you’re careful, you should be able to escape them. If you’re travelling through fields, or areas with a lot of damaged buildings, it’s worth taking a long stick along with you to test out the ground and check for any nasty surprises.

Fast Zombies

These zombies are the worst that you’re likely to see on an everyday run. They’re fast enough to keep pace with a normal jog, and may even be able to speed up to catch you if you pick up the pace. Be prepared for a hell of a sprint if you encounter them.

However fast they are though, they’re no more agile than the normal undead, and no smarter either. Lose them by ducking through buildings, or climbing ladders to higher ground. The McShell maneuver is also a possibility here, although you’ll need to be pretty confident of your terrain to pull it off.

Groupie Zombies

It’s been suggested that zombies are often driven to keep doing the same actions as they did before they died, albeit with more decay and risk of horrific death. Everyone has a story of that one zombie postman who kept shambling his route months after his death. 

So what happens when you get groups of dedicated fans suddenly turned into zombies after a concert or event? Groupie zombies. These zoms tend to keep following the object of their affections no matter what. It has been rumoured that a zombified Taylor Swift is still out there, leading her own pack of obsessively loyal undead.

The best way to escape these zombies is to distract them with the voice or image of the person they’re obsessed with.

Underwater Zombies

Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

You’d think that you would be able to find sanctuary on the open ocean, or in the middle of a lake, but sadly, even the high seas are infested with the scourge of the undead.

These zombies tend to be even more rotted than the usual land-based monsters, and can often be found covered in sea weed, abandoned fishing lines, and the remains of long since punctured rubber rings. You might even see some weird barnacles or weird red coral growing into them.

Your best bet to evade these aquatic undead is to get up on dry land – they tend to fall apart fairly quickly once the water pressure isn’t holding them together!

Organised Zombies

Potentially more rumour than fact, it’s not difficult to find stories of organised zombies if you look on Rofflenet. There’s always someone with a tale of zombies marching in formation, or working together as more than a mindless horde. Supposedly there have even been sightings of zombies using tools and weapons!

Of course, most of these stories are probably just that – stories. Things got very confused during the apocalypse, and it’s easy to give the undead more credit than they deserve. 

However, there are an awful lot of stories like this, and it’s not always possible to tell what is the post-apocalyptic community’s version of creepypastas and horrible coping mechanisms, and what may have a grain of truth to them.