Training Mission 1 Released!

You’ve been all a-tingle ever since you got the flyer: this is your only chance to catch the Runaway Funfair. Shake off the zombies, and ignore the sounds of clownish cackling ringing in your ears –

– it’s time to ride your First Training Mission for the Halloween 2019 Virtual Race!

New Adventures: Volcano Race

Our latest New Adventure – Volcano Race – is available to download in-app now!

A routine check of equipment at Mt. Archie turns dangerous when the volcano you’ve been monitoring erupts, leads to a thrilling race to escape the effects! Can you outrun lava flows, mudslides, and choking ash and make it to safety in time?

Abel Runner’s Club members can play them immediately, and Free Members can use their free weekly unlock to gain access.

Meet the Fans: Scorriganworks

Working on Zombies, Run! we’re lucky to have a very dedicated, creative and overall lovely fanbase. We try to celebrate that whenever we can, so we’ve been talking to some of our fans and would now like to introduce another of our fan interviews!

Today we talk with Scorriganworks about finding Zombies, Run!, favourite missions, and tips for city running!

The thing about zombies, ya gotta run away from them!
Photo by Linh Nguyen on Unsplash

What got you into Zombies, Run! In the first place?

I wanted something to help me with doing regular workouts and the story idea appealed to me. While I’m not particularly a fan of zombie stories because they were everywhere in the 2000s (and continue to be popular!), Zombies, Run! was appealing because it had a story that distracted me from running itself, and also interacted with me while I ran. 

I picked up the app very early, back in January 2013, and I’ve been using it since then. I hadn’t heard anything about the app before then, but I saw it on sale. The thing about zombies is ya gotta run from them!

What is your favourite mission and why?

I’m sure everyone’s gonna say A Voice in the Dark, or missions which feature Runner 10’s story, but I think that the best single mission is in Season 2. It’s Mission 30: Panic. You’ve been with the Abel Township gang for just long enough to feel like you really know all of them well, and then people — not zombies, but people with free will — come into your base and mess up all your stuff! They wreck Jody’s knitting! It really earns how much it plays with your emotions, because the world feels truly lived in. It’s also a good standalone mission.

Ever noticed that those zombies love traffic lights?
Photo by Yiran Li on Unsplash

What are you top running tips?

As primarily a city runner, I have a few running rules I abide by:

  • You have got to be able to hear what’s around you! Only wear one ear bud if you need to.
  • If the intersection lights change to red, be ready to change your route and turn down a connecting street because a zombie chase will inevitably begin!
  • Always check that no cars are coming towards you before crossing the street!

(Editor: We have definitely noticed that zombies seem to love traffic crossings and have a real eye for when they change to red!)

What is your zombie apocalypse plan?

My apocalypse plan is to find somewhere safe to hole up on high ground. Then I’ll hit up a library or bookstore for some basic gardening or car repair books and settle in. Why, do you know a place with an opening?

(Editor: The Six to Start bunker is very well provisioned, I have to say)

The entrance to the secret Six to Start zombie apocalypse bunker
Photo by sergio souza on Unsplash

And how do you think you’d fare during the zombie apocalypse? Obviously you definitely have the cardio part down!

I do not flatter myself that I would survive a zombie apocalypse. The main thing I worry about is losing my glasses like Velma from Scooby Doo!

What is your favourite music to run to?

My playlist hasn’t changed much in a really long time. I’m not very scientific about my music; I just have a bunch of songs that I like on shuffle.

Thank you so much for talking with us! You can find Scorrigan as a regular contributor on Rofflenet and Tumblr!

Adrian’s Zombie Apocalypse Squad

It’s a discussion that everyone must have at some point in their lives, one that has haunted mankind for years. Who would you have on your zombie apocalypse survival squad?

We’re no strangers to this question here at Six to Start – after all, we spend a pretty big chunk of our time considering the undead and making them come to life in Zombies, Run!. And now we set out to answer that most pressing of questions as we ask the team, which Zombies, Run! characters would you choose to support you in the zombie apocalypse?

The zombie apocalypse is no laughing matter, which is why I’m starting with Jamie Skeet. As a former firefighter, Jamie will have no problem navigating the ruins of civilization, and his no-nonsense manner means he’ll get the job done, no matter what. Even better, he’s good with kids!  

Maxine Myers has to be part of any squad. You’ve got to have a doctor, and I can’t think of anyone who’s smarter, friendlier, or more skilled. Maxine used to be a geneticist, and while my biosciences are a bit rusty these days, I think we could make a great research team.

Me selling Margaret Atwood an official Runner 5 T-shirt!

So far I’ve just gone with practical picks, but you need to take care of the spirit as well as the flesh. And who better to do that than a master storyteller like Margaret Atwood – someone who can remind us why we fight on, why life is worth living, and why The Arrogant Worms is the best.

CC-BY-2.0 ajmexico

OK – let’s stipulate that I love Sam. Who doesn’t love Sam? And while I’m not going to question his supremacy as the best operator in the apocalypse, there’s only so much one man can do. Sure, the Automated Operator System is a bit rickety, and yes, maybe it’s a little bit dangerous, but that just means there’s plenty of room for improvement. A bit of work and we’ll have it helping hundreds of runners simultaneously!

… and who better to do that work than Chris McShell, zombie expert, master tactician, and stone-cold scientist? He’s not a barrel of laughs, but Chris is the person I’d want by my side if I had a horde of zombies on my heels and we needed to somehow steer them into an area just in between the two of us…

Anatomy of a Milestone Email

You’ve just arrived home after a hard run, evading the hordes of the undead and collecting vital supplies for Abel Township. There, in your inbox, is an email from Sam, congratulating you on a run well done!

Milestone emails are one of our favourite things to create for Zombies, Run! No matter how your mission went, it’s always nice to get home and find a bit of praise and encouragement. Sadly, we don’t really have a Sam Yao around to write those messages for us (I know! We’re sad about that too!), but we have talked to our super talented artist, Kas Sweeney, who’s given us an insight into how she goes about creating our milestone emails.

“Putting together our milestone emails is honestly one of my favourite things to do for the game- I love the thought of Runner Five receiving these fun messages from the characters of Abel Township celebrating whatever amazing accomplishment they’ve achieved after a run, or chatting about the events of the most recent episode.

My process for putting these together is pretty straight forward! I’ll usually start by reading through the scripts of the relevant season, and picking out certain events that might be fun to have a character react to in their milestone email to Runner Five. Once I’ve figured out which story beats I’d like to hit and the tone I’d like to go for, I’ll then decide on which character is writing this message to Runner Five, as obviously we want to make sure the character is actually around for the events of the story! Relistening to the performances of these episodes is a great way of helping me figure out a character’s voice, and what they might be going through. I’ll then draft a letter in the voice of the character in question, before sending it off for approval by the writers. I really enjoy writing Sam, and I’ll leap at any chance to write a milestone from Simon given he’s my favourite of all time and I’m incredibly predictable.

Once we’ve received the thumbs up, I’ll move onto design. The look of these milestone emails is usually informed by two things: which character is sending the message, and in what context the message is being received. For instance, a letter from Sam hastily scrawled on a crumpled up piece of notebook paper and left on Runner Five’s cot is probably going to look a little different to an official letter from Major De Santa! It can be a fun challenge figuring out other ways of communicating a character’s personality through something other than the contents of their message. In order to highlight the difference between characters, I have specific fonts for each character’s handwriting, as well as different types of paper these characters might have access to. If the letter mentions an item the sender is leaving for Runner Five (like this pillow left by Runner Seven,) we’ll include an illustration of that item.

It’s been really fun getting the opportunity to play with these characters that I love so much, and do a little writing from their points of view. It always makes me really happy to see people posting their milestone emails on social media, and how tickled they are!”

Racelink Shutdown

Dear Runner,

We have sad news: we will be closing down Racelink this December. We’re incredibly proud of the virtual races we’ve created ourselves and run on behalf of charities like the British Science Association, Cancer Research UK, and Fight for Sight.

Thousands of you ran across the solar system in 10K and escaped from terrifying dinosaurs, getting fit and raising money for good causes. But sadly, as a business, Racelink hasn’t performed as well as we had hoped.

Our first step will be close entries to all Racelink events on Tuesday 3rd September – so if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to enter our Olympus Mons or buy a Volcano Race T-shirt, now’s your time.

We’ll then fully close down the Racelink and app on Tuesday 10th December, after which point it will no longer be possible to run Racelink events. All entrants to the Grand Canyon, Dino Dash, Volcano Race, and Olympus Mons races will be able to download the race audio.

We’ve really appreciated the chance to share our races with you, and we’re not giving up on the idea of combining storytelling and running! The spirit of Racelink will live on in our sister app Zombies, Run! as New Adventures, which will include selected Racelink events, along with brand new (non-zombie!) stories in the coming months and years.

Thanks for running with us,

The Racelink Team