The Most Wonderful Time of Year!

As professional zombie wranglers, it’s easy to pick out a favourite day of the year. Halloween of course (and also World Zombie Day on October 10th but that involves less chocolate and sweets)! The time of year when all the ghosts and ghouls rise from the grave, and we unleash the zombie hordes into the world for a night of doing the Monster Mash and dancing to Thriller.

But there’s worse than the rotting undead abroad! With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at some of the spookier goings on at Abel Township!

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

A warning sign saying Spoilers Ahead

An obvious choice perhaps, but this trio of Halloween themed missions are just what you need as the nights draw in.

Season 2 Halloween Missions

In Living Dead Girl, you help Jack and Eugene track down a lost artefact – the final record of a singer who died before it was released, and whose voice can be heard on a track she never recorded. Is this just an urban legend from the music world? Or is the record truly more than it seems?

In Horseplay, you head out for vital Halloween supplies for the festivities. But it’s dark outside, and there’s something on your trail. Is the creature following you just a figment of your imagination? Or are tales of the headless horseman real?

Three figures with arms outstretched

In Wai Chu Xiao Xin you join Sam on a trip to Chinatown to find supplies for a special meal, and to reminisce about his upbringing and the folklore of his childhood. Chinatown has been quiet for months, but is there something worse than zombies lying in wait?

SOS and You’re Rocking the Boat (Season 2 Missions 13+14)

A mysterious distress call summons Runner 5 to a wrecked cruise ship. The inhabitants had been trying to sit out the apocalypse at sea, but now they’re overwhelmed by zombies. As you venture into the heart of the vessel, the questions just keep coming. How did the ship know about you, and is there something worse than zombies lurking in the belly of the boat?

Ghost Town (Season 2 Mission 28)

There’s a thriving settlement gone dark on Rofflenet, and you’re sent to investigate with no idea of what you’ll find once you venture past the gates. Technical troubles? Zombies? Or has something more sinister taken its toll?

Old World (Season 3 Mission 36)

Liddlestone St. Crispin was never meant to be more than a tourist attraction – but the replica medieval walls definitely proved their worth when it came to the zombie apocalypse. But the residents want to burn it down, destroying vital information. It’s up to you, Exorcist Five, to get rid of the ghost haunting the town and find the information you need to save Abel!

History Repeating and Church of the Poison Mind (Season 4 Missions 13+14)

Follow the path of an ancient Edda on the trail of the origin of the zombie plague! From a sunken Viking village, to mysterious standing stones, to caverns hidden beneath the earth, will you find the knowledge that you seek? Or will the dead claim you at last?

Between the Lines (A New Adventure)

A person wearing headphones, with another person silhouetted in black behind them

Take a gentle run through the park with an Active Listen audiobook! In ‘Never Alone’, a stranger arrives in town with motives that are far from pure. But is the story hitting closer to home than you realised?

The first of our comissioned New Adventures, Between the Lines is a story that’s sure to send shivers down your spine this Halloween!