Merchandise clearance sale ongoing, new Christmas tee coming soon

We’re closing the old Zombies, Run! merchandise shop very soon – as soon as you guys buy all our stock from us, that is. There’s a very limited amount of t-shirts and posters still available with 70% off, so head on over and find yourselves a bargain.

Medium and large sizes are all gone, but there are some XL and XXL available in all colours in both men and women’s fits.

If you’re looking for new t-shirt designs, however, you won’t have long to wait because we’ll be releasing a special Christmas Zombies, Run! t-shirt soon – soon enough that you’ll have yours in hand to give to your favourite Runner 5 for Christmas. Or to keep for yourself! That’s also a perfectly valid option.

But don’t forget our main store which is still around and fully stocked with all sorts of goodies. And there’s still plenty of time to ship things all over the world before Christmas, so check it out!

Zombies, Run! 5k Training updated with iOS 7 support

Just a quick note to let you guys know that we’ve updated Zombies, Run! 5k Training on iPhone and iPod Touch. The update is available now and improves the look of the app. Much like the iOS 7 update we gave to Zombies, Run!

The update also squashes a bunch of bugs, including a crash which would occur if the screen was locked during gameplay. So if you’ve been having any trouble with Zombies, Run! 5k Training then hopefully this should put a stop to that. Just head on over to the App Store and check your updates tab to grab the new version.

Zombies, Write! community fan fiction challenge now complete


The second annual Zombies, Write! challenge is now over and has resulted in a huge amount of great new Zombies, Run! fan fiction. So if you’re itching for new stories set in the Zombies, Run! universe now that Season 2 has come to a close, you’ve a collection of wonderful short stories to sink your teeth into.

In case you’re unaware, Zombies, Write! is a community-run writing challenge where members of the fandom set story prompts for other writers. They then have to produce at least 1000 words of brand spanking new Zombies, Run! story based on that prompt. Such as “Runner 5 eats a poison berry and falls over a log, lol” or “Jack and Eugene kiss again”. Though, the actual prompts are much better than those…

It’s been run by Zombies, Run! fan writer (but also actual game writer) ThisCharmingAnd, and she has collected every new piece of fan fiction produced during the challenge together over at her blog. Be sure to check it out!

As ever, we’re astounded by the community’s creativity. Thank you for putting so much hard work into this challenge for a second year in a row. We’re humbled. 

Third and final Halloween mission now available!

Happy Halloween! We’ve got our third and final spooky mission ready and waiting for you to download right now. Wai chu xiao xin is written by the lead writer of Zombies, Run!, Naomi Alderman. Sam Yao joins Runner 5 for a run in this mission. It’s an informative, educational chat about zombie myths in other cultures, with absolutely no scary, unsettling events of any kind taking place. No siree.

You can find this new Zombies, Run! episode at the bottom of the Season Two missions list, where you can download it at no additional charge. We hope you’ve had fun with these Halloween missions. We certainly had a great time putting them together! 

Halloween Season Pass Sale now on!


Season Pass Plus: Now $3.99 (Was $7.99)

Race Missions: Now $0.99 (Was $1.99)

Season Pass: Now $1.99 (Was $3.99)

Sidequests: Now $2.99 (Was $5.99)

The Halloween celebrations don’t end with new free missions: we’re also slashing the price of Season Passes and Season One Race Missions. This is the perfect time to jump in and get the most out of Zombies, Run!

The Season Pass Plus gives you access to 60 additional missions — over 30 hours of extra running time! At only $3.99, that’s just shy of $0.07 per mission. We could try comparing that to a cup of coffee or a movie, but there’s simply nothing on this planet that is a better deal than that!

Meanwhile, the Race Missions, which are now $0.99, require you to run set distances. Two sets of 5km, 10km and 20km missions fill out some of the Season One backstory and give you a first glimpse at life in New Canton. The 20km missions in particular are like taking part in an epic, movie-length episode!

You can buy Season Passes and Race Missions directly from the Store tab in the app — they’ll be on sale until Tuesday 5th November!

First Halloween mission, Living Dead Girl, now available!

The first of our special free Halloween Zombies, Run! missions is now available. Penned by Hugo and Nebula award nominee Emma Bull, Living Dead Girl is a story about Jack and Eugene’s quest for a legendary song that may be more than it seems…

You can find this new Zombies, Run! episode at the bottom of the Season Two missions list, where you can download at no additional charge. Keep an eye out for two more Halloween missions coming this week! 

Introducing Airdrop mode!

Just because Zombies, Run! Season 2 has concluded doesn’t mean we aren’t adding new features and content — we’ve just updated the app with a whole new game mode!

Airdrop mode is a free update to Zombies, Run! on both iPhone and Android which allows you to set your own real-world running destination. Simply select a nearby drop-point (in the real world) for the supply package, and go pick it up! We’ll fill in the story for you as you go, so it’ll feel like a completely new set of missions.

Airdrop dynamically creates a mission for you based on your distance from the airdrop site and updates the story and distance notifications in real time. If you’re feeling daring, you can set yourself a return journey, too.

You can access Airdrop mode through the Missions screen – it’s in the same place that the Season 1, Season 2, Race Missions, Supply Missions, etc, are.

Airdrop mode takes place during the first half of Season 2 of the game, so, if you’ve not finished Season 1 yet, we recommend doing that before delving into this new game mode.

We hope you enjoy this free new update and, as always, be sure to let us know what you think! 

And of course, we still have our special Halloween missions coming next week…!


Free Halloween missions coming soon to Zombies, Run!


We wanted to do something a little bit special to celebrate Halloween this year, so we’ve created 3 free Halloween missions for Zombies, Run!

Because Zombies, Run! already contains a lot of zombies and other scary things, we had to think outside the box in order to come up with these new Halloween missions. As a result, they’re super daft and very fun.

You’ll notice that these missions are separate from the canon and, as a result, can be played by anyone regardless of where you are in the story. Think of them as the Treehouse of Horror of Zombies, Run! The… Sports Bra of Terror? Don’t worry, we’ll think up something catchier than that…

There are 3 Halloween missions in total and we will be releasing them, one a day, in the run-up Halloweek (see what we did there?). We’ll have more spooky info on these as we approach that ominous day, so keep scarily checking the blog. With fear.

Zombies, Run! Season Two’s Epic Finale!


If you’ve been catching up with our weekly mission releases, then you’re all set for the epic finale. Which is good, because it’s out right now!

Thanks so much for following along with the story. We’ve really enjoyed watching your reactions to the various twists and turns over the last six months.

That’s half a year in which we released 40 new story missions and 20 new side missions, we updated the app with a whole new ‘living’ base builder, an achievement system, social features, re-added supply missions, improved radio mode… the list goes on!

It’s been the support of the community that has made it possible for us to continue pushing the boundaries of Zombies, Run! The game is barely recognisable to what it was when we first launched and we can’t wait to see what you make of the finale…

We’re thinking of doing another Q&A with the writing team at some point soon, so if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, let us know and send your questions (to!

And don’t worry: Zombies, Run! will be back for a third season in 2014! Lately we’ve been hard at work writing and recording for our new game, The Walk — which we know you’ll love! — but we have a lot in store for Zombies, Run! Season 3… Plus we’ve got some exciting updates to bring you in run-up to Season 3, so keep an eye out on our blog and Twitter.

As always, be sure let us know what you think of the latest episodes. Stay safe out there!

Take part in the unofficial Zombies, Run! community writing challenge

The Zombies, Run! community is gearing up for the second annual Zombies, Write! challenge. Zombies, Write! is an unofficial, community-led initiative which tasks creative Zombies, Run! players to write a 1000 word piece of fan-fiction based on another community member’s story prompt.

Zombies, Write! is being organised by Tumblr user ThisCharmingAnd and you can find out more info and sign up to take part over at this blog post. Be quick, though! Sign-ups close on Friday, September 27th.

We can’t wait to see what the Zombies, Run! community comes up with for this challenge. We’ll be watching…

*Image courtesy of Azisa Noor, winner of the Zombies, Run! community art competition.