After a long weekend of meeting lovely Runners, geeking out, accusing each other of being spies and waiting far too long at the bar, team Six to Start has returned to Earth from the Nine Worlds. And with us we have brought a recording of the Zombies, Run!: Tales from the Soundbooth panel session we did on Friday night. We had a hell of a lot of fun talking about all the work that goes into making the game, and we hope you enjoy hearing it. 

Note: This talk is entirely spoiler-free! There’s one exception, but we edited it out – you’ll hear more about that in the introduction. Listen away!

We’d like to give a massive, massive shoutout and love-bomb to zalia​, who organised and moderated this panel with superhuman patience, insight and grace. Big up! We can’t thank you enough, Zalia. 

Thanks also to the entire team at Nine Worlds, everyone who came to hear us witter on, and whoever was giving the audibly-hilarious talk in the room next door.