August Community Roundup


Fist Fight Sam by thewondersmith

The month of August is upon us and, like its namesake, it brings with it a record of all its fine works. But who needs a bronze inscription when you have The Zombies, Run! Community Roundup?

Six to Start News

First up, let’s have a quick catch-up with all the goings-on here at Six to Start headquarters. 

1) The current hiatus will finish next Wednesday, August 12th, with the release of missions 21 and 22 from Season Four. From then on, we’ll be releasing 2 new missions a week right through to the end of Season Four!

2) Virtual Race! We’re thinking about running one. Do you like the sound of that? Would you like to race against your fellow Runners Five, virtually? Let us know!

3) Team Zombies, Run! will be at Nine Worlds London this weekend (August 7th – 9th)! We’ll be talking about fitness, Zombies, Run!, representation, games and also just hanging out and stuff. Come say hi!

OK that’s all the official stuff out of the way. Hit the readmore for the fluff, heartbreak, illustrations and in-jokes you actually come here for.


The past month has seen a ridiculous explosion of amazing artwork, just a few pieces of which I’m able to share here with you all. I had to leave a whole lot of my favourites out so that we didn’t crash Tumblr’s servers with the wonder, so go check out the tags to make sure you don’t miss a thing. 


Thanks, Sam! by twitmerm


Archie by zombies-draw


Sorry Runner Five by ginnyandpaige


My Five by swarmagent


Doublebra Angel Five by templeait


Picked Up One Child by siriusmistake


Shojody by sleepyempress


In the past, comics haven’t been all that common in the Fivedom, but this month we’ve had some really excellent new sequential fan art. For obvious reasons, I can’t share them in their entirety here, so instead I’m going to post the first panel and provide a link so you can read the rest of the strip. Which you should, because they’re all amazing. Do it!


Cinnamon Roll ZR by damondear-art [SPOILERS FOR S1M19 WITHIN]


Late Night Training by muterunner5


Creeper by sleepyempress [SPOILERS FOR S3 WITHIN]




As usual, one of the most popular activities in the Zombies, Run! Fandom is making fellow Runners Five feel alternately heartbroken and unbelievably fuzzy. Here are some new fics that do exactly that. 

Inside the Perimeter by straydog733 [SPOILERS FOR S3 RADIO MODE WITHIN]

Holy butts that piece really got me. A perfect, perfect look at what it’s like to survive. Fantastic. 

Still Waters by cinderscoria [SPOILERS UP TO S3M47 WITHIN]

I love the use of second person here – it’s a difficult perspective to use, but this is super effective. Excellent.

Hang Down Your Head by clairzad [SPOILERS FOR S3 RADIO MODE WITHIN]

Ooof. This is a pitch-perfect mix of fluff and intense gutpunching that I couldn’t stop reading. Wow.

Sunny Afternoon by zalia

To counteract the emotions of the last piece, here’s a gorgeous celebration of the US Supreme Court’s recent ruling on Marriage Equality. So much love. 

Diary by lostinmybedroomradio

Here’s the beginning of a brand-new ongoing in-character diary which is really in-depth and well thought through. It’s great to read someone putting so much effort into getting inside their Runner Five’s head!

And that’s it for this month! As usual, there has been far, far too much great fan work to feature in one blog post, but if you think there’s something I’ve missed, or if there’s something to which you’d like to draw my attention, drop me a line on matt at 

Stay safe out there!