Runner Five, we recently received a mysterious transmission asking Abel Township for assistance. Can you help us make sense of it? We don’t know the origins of this message, but it’s clearly been tampered with…

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After a long weekend of meeting lovely Runners, geeking out, accusing each other of being spies and waiting far too long at the bar, team Six to Start has returned to Earth from the Nine Worlds. And with us we have brought a recording of the Zombies, Run!: Tales from the Soundbooth panel session we did on Friday night. We had a hell of a lot of fun talking about all the work that goes into making the game, and we hope you enjoy hearing it. 

Note: This talk is entirely spoiler-free! There’s one exception, but we edited it out – you’ll hear more about that in the introduction. Listen away!

We’d like to give a massive, massive shoutout and love-bomb to zalia​, who organised and moderated this panel with superhuman patience, insight and grace. Big up! We can’t thank you enough, Zalia. 

Thanks also to the entire team at Nine Worlds, everyone who came to hear us witter on, and whoever was giving the audibly-hilarious talk in the room next door. 

7 Minute Motion Tracking Workout Now Available!

All good things must come to an end…

Even the Winter of Workouts. That’s right, I’m afraid to say that today is the final day in our “Winter of Workouts” celebration. But we’re not fading away like the sober person at a party when the clock strikes “boogie”. No! We’re going out with a bang. A bang that looks, sounds and acts very much like the best goddamn home workout app you’ve ever seen: “7 Minute Motion Tracking Workout”

7 Minute Motion Tracking Workout is the smartphone fitness app you’ve been waiting for. Check out this list of awesome features right here:

Automatic Rep Tracking – No more need to enter your workouts into fiddly tracking apps. No more need for a spotter. No more need to teach your pets how to count or how to recognise correct form for a Power Squat. We got you. We’ll count all your reps and calculate your calories as well, using our innovative front-camera motion tracking technology. Try getting a budgie to do that. 

12 Workout Routines – A good workout is like a good meal: varied, well-thought through and guaranteed to leave you sweating. We’ve got a full-blown Michelin Star menu of them right here for you. 12 energetic, exciting workouts, including the classic ‘7 Minute Workout’. No more boredom!

Achievements – This app isn’t just going to give you poxy “real life achievements” like “building strength” and “improving cardiovascular function” and “feeling better about yourself, your body and your life”. Hell no. We’ll do all those things and we’ll give you shiny digital medals for them so you can show everyone in your life just how much you’re killing it. Which is so much.

TV – We know how it is. You’re working out, concentrating on your form and your motivation and not knocking your living room lamp over. You want your instructions, your rep count and your timers where you can see them: right there on your very own television. Yet again, we’ve got you covered. 7 Minute Motion Tracking Workout is optimised for Apple TV, so you can bring your home workout to the big screen. 

I don’t need to sell you on this anymore. This app is awesome, we’re incredibly proud of it, and it’s going to supercharge your home workouts like you wouldn’t believe. 

7 Minute Motion Tracking Workout is available now on iPhone and iPad, priced at just $0.99 / €0.89 / £0.69 

Nice words about Zombies, Run!, Six to Start, and our games

We’ve been busy bees recently. Between Zombies, Run! 3, Superhero Workout and Dungeon Runner we’ve released three games this year. But we’re not stopping there! We’ve got three more releases for you as part of our Winter of Workouts event.

With so much going on, we thought we’d take a look back and see what the media has been saying about us recently. Luckily, it’s all good! Here’s our round-up of our favourite Six to Start articles. Otherwise known as Six to Starticles.

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If you happen to come across any interesting Six to Start related articles on your travels around the internet, be sure to let us know by emailing us at Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Winter of Workouts website to discover each new game as it gets released!