Zombies, Run! at Nine Worlds London


Runner Five! Are you in London? Do you love ZR? Are you free next weekend (6th -9th August)? Why not come see Team Zombies, Run! at Nine Worlds London

A whole bunch of us will be in attendance, so do stop by and say hello if you’re there too! 

Highlights of the con for Zombies, Run! fans include:

“Tales from the Sound Booth”: a panel in which Adrian Hon (Six to Start CEO), Matt Wieteska (Six to Start Audio Director), Phil Nightingale (Voice of Sam Yao) and Jennifer Tan (Voice of Runner 4 and Nadia) will give you a peek behind the microphone and tell you exactly what goes into making your favourite missions. [Friday August 7th @ 8.30pm, Connaught A]

“In Conversation with Naomi Alderman”: An in-depth discussion with crying-while-running and most-representative-fitness-app-ever mastermind Zombies, Run! lead writer Naomi Alderman. Naomi will be discussing the challenges of writing fiction while identifying and tackling your internal biases. [Saturday August 8th @ 3.15, County A]

“This Geek Can”: Matt and Adrian join Superhero Workout writer Rachael Acks to discuss fitness for geeky feminists. [Friday August 7th @ 5pm, Connaught A]

We’re really excited about the weekend, so come on down to join the fun! If you’ll be attending, don’t forget to let us know on twitter (@zombiesrungame)!