Get your voice on Radio Cabel


Want to be a part of Radio Cabel? If you’ve been with us for a while, you may remember us asking the Zombies, Run! community to submit clips for use in Radio Abel way back in Season One. It was such a success, that we’ve decided to do it again!

UPDATE: We’ve got some tips for those of you looking to submit something to Radio Cabel:

  • Make sure your recording is as high-quality as possible. Try to record your voice using a decent microphone in a fairly echo-less room. For best results, record in a place with as many soft furnishings as possible, or even under your duvet!
  • Try to tell an interesting or personal story, but remember: Radio Abel has to cover things that are related to the Gray Plague and the downfall of civilisation in general. If you’re struggling to come up with something, try answering one (or more!) of these questions:
  1. Where were you at the time of the outbreak?
  2. How did you survive?
  3. Did you lose anyone important in the outbreak?
  4. What survival tips do you have for Radio Abel listeners?
  5. Do you have any funny stories from the road?
  • Don’t comment on what’s happened in the story or with the characters, but feel free to comment on topics that Jack and Eugene (and Phil and Zoe!) have covered in their show.
  • Try to keep your stories and tips short. Aim for a total time of one minute, but don’t worry if you go beyond that a bit. And don’t feel the need to stretch it out to one minute either – we’re very keen to feature stories as short as 15 or 30 seconds!
  • If you like, you can leave us multiple recordings for different stories, tips, or opinions.
  • By submitting a clip to us for Radio Cabel, you agree to assign all copyright and ownership rights to Six to Start, so that we can make use of it as we see fit.

We’re looking for more “Stories from the road” and “Survival tips”, as well as call-ins from citizens of both Abel Township and New Canton. How do you feel about living in a zombie apocalypse? How does life in Abel differ from life pre-Z-day? What do you really think of that New Canton lot?

Make sure your submissions are no more than a minute long (60 seconds) and after submissions close, we’ll pick the best ones and get them into the game.

You can submit your own radio clips starting today. We’ll stop accepting submissions September 23. Which gives you just over a month to get something over to us. Our actors will record accompanying lines when we can schedule them in, but recording sessions and actor availability mean it may be a while before they are added to the game.

Instead of calling in to a special phone number, we’re going digital with the submission process this time around, so we can ensure a higher quality.

You can email us with your entries in .wav or .mp3 format to with the subject “Radio Cabel” (alternatively, please include a link to a Dropbox file if it’s too big to attach). This means that anyone in the world can submit something for Radio New Tomorrow. Abel Township and New Canton are multicultural, equal opportunity survivor camps, after all.