April 16th is Zombies, Run! 2 day

“When is Zombies, Run! 2 coming out?”, we hear you cry. “Spring! It’ll be out in the spring!”, we yell back. “What does that even mean?”, you retort. And also “but I live in Australia!”, from some of you.

Today we’re going to do away with all confusion: Zombies, Run! 2 has a firm release date and it is April 16th. As announced yesterday, this date is for both iOS and Android.


Don’t forget, Zombies, Run! 2 will be a free upgrade for current players of Zombies, Run! Along with all of Season 1, the game will come with seven free missions to begin with, including four Season 2 missions and three sidequests. We’ll begin releasing three additional missions every week starting from late April/early May, and as soon as we’ve nailed down the details for this, we’ll let you know!

So, if you’re looking to replay (or finish!) Zombies, Run! before the release of Zombies, Run! 2, now’s a great time to start. You have 47 days!

iOS users: Zombies, Run! 2 will require iOS 6+. In practice, this won’t affect anyone except for iPod Touch 3rd gen users – everyone else who’s already playing ZR will be fine!

Android users: Zombies, Run! 2 will require Android 4.0+