We’re on Windows Phone!

UPDATE 23 November 2016: This app is no longer supported. Please do not download this. If you have any questions, please write in to support@zombiesrungame.com!

Zombies, Run! is now out on Windows Phone! We’ve had hundreds of emails and tweets asking for us to bring the game to the platform, and so with the help of Microsoft, Nokia, and Matchbox Mobile, we’re really happy to have gotten the game out so quickly.

Our launch version (1.0) contains all 30 missions in Season 1, and our upcoming 1.1 release will add five exclusive missions for Windows Phone (made possible with the support of Microsoft and Nokia), plus limited ZombieLink support. And of course, all of this is wrapped lovingly in a super-slick Metro-native interfaced with live tiles and all the other nice stuff you expect from Windows Phone.


It even has a Metro-style ‘slide to run’ option, which we were so tragically required to remove from our iOS version!

It’s a great game on a great platform and we really look forward to you guys trying it out!

Zombies, Run!