Zombies, Run! is coming to French, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish!

This summer, we’re incredibly excited to be bringing Zombies, Run! to four new languages! We’re starting with the core Zombies, Run! experience, including all of Season 1 (plus Abel and New Canton races), Supply Missions and Radio Mode.

The entire audio for all those missions has been completely translated and redesigned for French, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish, and we’re incredibly pleased by the quality of the work by our partners at TransPerfect. Just check out this trailer!

But that’s not all. This is a full localisation of the Zombies, Run! app, which means the entire user interface, from the mission titles to the Codex to the Base Builder has been translated. This has required almost a year of serious production and engineering work behind the scenes, both on the app and online, and it’s laid the groundwork for improvements and new features for all players.

Ever since we launched Zombies, Run! ten years ago, we’ve had thousands of emails from players asking us to translate the app into other languages. We’ve always wanted to do the best job possible, though, which is why we’ve waited until we had the resources and talent required to do the game and story justice.

We’ll have more to share about our launch in French, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish in the coming months but just remember: as long as you can move faster than a slow shamble, Abel Township needs you – wherever you are.

Photo credit: NASA/Reid Wiseman