Introducing Home Workout Mode

Earlier this year we launched The Home Front, our free series of home bodyweight workouts for everyone around the world in lockdown. These workouts have been played hundreds of thousands of times and we’re incredibly proud of what we accomplished by repurposing the app’s “run engine” for new kinds of storytelling and exercises.

But we wanted to do even better – so with our 9.2 update, we’re introducing a brand new dedicated Home Workout mode!

Home Workout Mode preview

Home Workout mode lets you view all the exercises you’ll be performing, with clear step-by-step instructions and gorgeous illustrations by our artist, Kascha Sweeney. And these instructions aren’t just visible before you begin, but also during your workout!

Step Up exercise instructions during Jody’s Lock-in workout

Adding these instructions directly in the app gives us much more flexibility for future storytelling. In The Home Front, our characters had to give you exercise instructions out loud – this worked for Ministry broadcasts that told you how to work out indoors, but it wouldn’t work for different kinds of stories where there’s less reason for people to tell you how to exactly do a wall sit or mountain climbers!

So yes, that means we will be using Home Workout mode beyond the epic 35-part Home Front story. Stay tuned…!