Introducing The Home Front + Season 9 Delay

Hello Runner 5,

At a time like this, it might feel odd to be thinking about games. But while Zombies, Run! is a game, it’s here to keep you fit and healthy. It’s also good for your mental health to have a break from the world and spend time with characters you love.

So we’re doing whatever we can to keep you fit and strong.

Introducing The Home Front

Starting today we’re launching a ten-mission programme of Zombies, Run! home workouts. All ten will be completely free and fully unlocked.

These workouts are designed for beginners and intermediate exercisers, and they don’t require any special equipment. They’re also fun! The first is by Naomi Alderman, lead writer and co-creator of ZR, and it stars Sam Yao as your operator.

So whether you’ve just arrived at Abel Township or you’re a veteran runner, you can play and enjoy these non-spoiler side missions. Some will be tied into our book, Zombies, Run! Keeping Fit and Living Well in the Current Zombie Emergency – and we intend to release extensive excerpts from the book for free next month.

You can find The Home Front by tapping the Missions tab at the bottom of the home screen. We’re hoping to release these missions roughly every week, but since we’re writing and recording from our own homes as we speak, please be patient if we’re delayed!

How to Run Safely

While you shouldn’t be visiting gyms, in many places you can still take on missions for Abel Township.

“You can use your garden, if you have one. You can also leave the house to exercise – but stay at least 2 metres away from other people.”


The New York Times has great advice on walking, jogging and running outside. But don’t push yourself too hard! There’s no need to set any records right now. And please check with your local and national guidelines on exercising outside.

Season 9 is Delayed

We’ve decided to delay recording the first 15 missions of Season 9, due to the impact of coronavirus in the UK. This means we won’t be able to launch Season 9 in May as we’d originally planned.

We’re disappointed we can’t share one of the most exciting seasons of Zombies, Run!, but the health and safety of our team and actors – along with the need to practice social distancing for the good of everyone – is our highest priority. We’ve always tried to record all our audio in person, with as many actors in the same room as possible, so we can ensure the best quality and performances. These existing processes make it harder for us to adjust the production of our mainline Zombies, Run! missions to current circumstances.

Our hope is that we can record and release all of Season 9 later this year, but it’s impossible to know when it’ll be safe to do so. What we can say is that we’ll keep you updated when we’ve made new plans.

But we still have plenty of missions for you! We were able to record our Spring 2020 Virtual Race, which will go ahead as planned next month. We also recorded A Study in Ichor, a five-part New Adventure thriller/horror story set in Victorian times and starring a whole host of beloved ZR characters, and we’re sure you’ll love it. We’ll be releasing it, and other New Adventures, in the coming months. And of course, there’s The Home Front.

All Virtual Races Available Later This Year

Finally, in a few month’s time, we’ll be releasing all past virtual races for sale; from Runner 5’s quest to win a treasure trove of Werther’s Originals, to stopping a rogue general with stolen nuclear bomb, to your visit to the deadly Tomorrow Island. This will take a little longer to set up as we have something special planned, but rest assured: it’s definitely happening.

Stay Safe Out There!

Abel Township needs you fit and healthy, Runner 5. We’ll get through this – together.

The Zombies, Run Team

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