Spring 2017 Virtual Race Tees in the ZR Shop

Missed out on the Spring 2017 Virtual Race? Want to get your hands on an extra shirt? Now’s your chance, as we’ve made the last few Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve t-shirts available on the ZR Shop!

Featuring athletic wicking fabric, and an exclusive European Rescue Force design on the front and back, it’s the perfect addition to any running wardrobe.

Visit the ZR Shop to get yours!

Be quick: once we sell out, they’re gone forever…

Season 6 is here!

The long wait is finally over, Runner 5. Season 6 launches today, with Missions 1 and 2 available right now!

This season we’ve got 40 adrenaline-pumping missions for you, including rabid monkeys, Cthuhlu cults, and of course, hordes of zombies. 

We’ll be dropping two new missions every week, with a brief mid-season hiatus after Mission 20.

As a little preview, check out this behind the scenes footage of the Season 6 recording, featuring Philip Nightingale (Sam) and Jennifer Tan (Jody) being directed by Matt Wieteska:


You can download missions one and two of Season 6 right now from the ‘Missions’ tab in your Zombies, Run! app. If you’re a Pro Member, you can download and play both missions immediately. Otherwise, you can use your free weekly unlock to play either of these missions.

As always, please let us know what you think!

Invest in Zombies, Run!


We have big plans for the future of Zombies, Run! and virtual races. By investing in Six to Start, you could help make them happen and share in our future successes.

This year, we’re expanding Zombies, Run! and updating our 5k Training app with new Google Fit, Android Wear, and Apple Watch integrations. We also just launched Racelink, our brand new racing platform that will reach millions of runners around the world with real-life, story-driven virtual races.

Check out our campaign on Crowdcube

To help fuel that growth, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. So if you’d like to own a piece of Six to Start and share in our future successes, you can buy shares from as little as £10. Anyone in the world (excepting the US, Canada, and Japan*) can invest.

Zombies, Run! was built with your support. Back in 2011, this game was originally funded on Kickstarter by 3500 backers, and since then, we’ve been blown away by how much it’s changed people’s lives around the world – from beginners running their first 5k, to veteran marathoners who’ve run thousands of kilometers.

We want to keep improving Zombies, Run! so that it can help motivate and entertain millions more runners, and we want to stay ahead of the latest technology and trends, like wearable devices and virtual races. So you won’t just be helping us make the great apps you love; you’ll be helping even more people get fit, escape zombies and become heroes, just like you.

Thanks, and stay safe out there,

Adrian Hon, CEO of Six to Start

*We really wanted to open this up to everyone in the world, but there are strict laws against us accepting crowdfunding investment from these countries!

Check out our campaign on Crowdcube

Spring 2017 Virtual Race: The Results

The Spring 2017 Virtual Race has now come to an end! Runners from over 53 countries suited up and became Rescue 5 to battle hostile hospitals, raging fires, and strange goings on in the Channel Tunnel.

We had over 2,500 leaderboard entries, and let’s take a look at the fastest operatives in the European Rescue Force:


Of course, the Force is all about teamwork, and together, runners racked up some impressive stats:


Phew, that’s a lot of Eiffel Towers to scale!

We loved hearing from runners, those who were competing in a 5k or 10k for the first time, and those beating their personal best times! That, and everyone jumping out of their skin at a certain part of the story…

Here’s a smattering of the fantastic medal pictures we were sent on Instagram and Twitter:

We’re getting ourselves ready for the Fall 2016 race – sign up here to get an email when entries are open!

Again, thanks for everyone who took part, and we’ll see you for the next race!

Season 6 is Coming on April 26th

Zombies, Run! will be returning for Season 6 on April 26th – set six different alarms, tattoo it into your arm, or, you know, just mark the date in your calendar!

As always, we’ll be releasing two missions a week, with a hiatus at the end of June. The season will then resume in August!

We won’t spoil anything for you, but this season will see Runners 5 everywhere battling zombies, dogged assassins, unprofessional pagans, and – um, butterflies? Wait, that can’t be right…

We’re really excited to bring you this season! Amidst the threats of Season 5 still looming large for Abel, you’ll be seeing old friends and encountering terrifying new terrains. Oh, and a hell of a lot of running.

Get ready, Runner 5!

April Community Roundup

“why say “i love you” when you can break janine’s wrist, amirite?” by theartinhalfhearted

This roundup has been tricky to edit – since the New Year, the fandom has been bursting at the seams with new fanfic, art and other projects. It’s hard to only include a small smattering of the things you guys have done!

We’ve also been busy ourselves – the Spring Virtual Race is in full swing, we’re gearing up for Season 6, and, as always, we have a few other projects up our sleeves. Look out for more info on the new season next week!

In the meantime, have a read of “Margaret Atwood, The Prophet of Dystopia” in The New Yorker, where she gives us a special mention!


First up, we have the return of our favourite fan podcast, Podcast Detected. The latest offering is Episode 46: The Newbies Take the Comm Shack (and talk about Nadia). Hear them discuss the new Virtual Race, and their complicated feelings on Nadia throughout the seasons.

The Critical Twits Gaming Podcast dedicated Episode 68 – Zombies, Run! Get Fit, Play Games! to us. Tune in to listen them go over the technical ins and outs of ZR, as well as how we compare to other apps!


Spring Virtual Race

The race only began on Friday, and we already have medal pictures pouring in from Rescues Five! Here’s a few from Twitter to whet your appetite:


The Hum by abelrunner5 is set after the end of Season 3. This is a fantastic piece of writing, and all the stories in the series are worth a read!

For something completing different, sassamifrass has mixed the world of Zombies, Run! with…Pokémon! You’ve collected a pokéball is a lot of fun, and such a creative use of two different worlds.

A drabble is a story in exactly 100 words, and they’re a challenging exercise for any writer. Lindenharp’s Envy is a great example of how to do it well. An interesting take on Five’s mixed feelings after S4 M14 – with major spoilers! – and how Five might feel towards Veronica.

Until next time, stay safe out there!