Season 6 is Coming on April 26th

Zombies, Run! will be returning for Season 6 on April 26th – set six different alarms, tattoo it into your arm, or, you know, just mark the date in your calendar!

As always, we’ll be releasing two missions a week, with a hiatus at the end of June. The season will then resume in August!

We won’t spoil anything for you, but this season will see Runners 5 everywhere battling zombies, dogged assassins, unprofessional pagans, and – um, butterflies? Wait, that can’t be right…

We’re really excited to bring you this season! Amidst the threats of Season 5 still looming large for Abel, you’ll be seeing old friends and encountering terrifying new terrains. Oh, and a hell of a lot of running.

Get ready, Runner 5!