Goodnight, sweet iOS 7

Our 4.4.3 update for the iPhone, out today, brings all of our latest features including Achievements to iOS 7.1. This is our final major update for iOS 7 —  all future updates will require iOS 8 or beyond.

Why? Simply, we can develop features and improvements much faster if we only target iOS 8+, and it also streamlines our testing and QA processes. Under 2% of our users are running iOS 7, and most of them have devices capable of running iOS 8+ (in case you’re interested, over 90% of ZR users are on iOS 9). So if you have an iPhone 4s or above, you’re absolutely fine.

v4.4.3 will receive new content and be supported by ZombieLink for quite some time, plus it’s solid as a rock, so don’t panic! But if you can, we’d strongly encourage you to upgrade…