Flexible Training Plans, Countdowns, and more!


We’ve got some exciting new features for you, Runner 5. Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of the app in the App Store / Play Store, and you’ll get:

Flexible Training Plans

Lots of you have been using the new Training Plans feature to schedule your runs and improve your distance, but sometimes it’s a little tricky to stick to the plan every week. That’s why we’ve made them more flexible. Instead of needing to run on the specified days of your plan, you can now complete your week’s runs on any day of the week.

We’re currently rolling out the new Training Plans, and as before, they’re free for everyone!

Countdowns on Android

Need a little time between pressing ‘START MISSION’ and beginning your run? Head to ‘Settings’ and check out the new Countdown feature. It’s great if you need to slip your phone into an armband or pocket before the gates are up.

Achievements on Android

Achievements are now available on Android, with full Google Play Games integration!

Visit the Codex screen to see what you’ve already unlocked, and what’s left to earn. There are even a few secret achievements waiting to be found…

There’s a small selection to start with, and we’ll be continuously adding more.