Developers, We Want You!

It wasn’t long ago that we were advertising positions for developers to join Six to Start – but now we’re doing it again! We’re expanding our team rapidly, and we’re looking for iOS, Android, and Full Stack Web Developers to help make our apps and games better than ever.

This is a really exciting time for us – we’re firing on all cylinders with the imminent release of Season 5 along with our hugely successful Virtual Race series. Later this year, our book will be published and we’ll be properly announcing our highly innovative Zombies, Run! boardgame – and that’s just what we can talk about publicly!

That’s why we need more talented people to join. Every single day, we get emails and tweets telling us how our games have changed and even saved people’s lives. So working here isn’t just fun it’s hugely rewarding! 

Check out our positions:

Senior Android Developer

Senior iOS Developer

Full Stack Web Developer

We’re based in London, so we’re particularly interested in people who can work in our offices here, but we’ll consider remote applicants as well!

We’ve been recording the first set of missions for Season 5 this week, and we posed some of your questions to our fantastic cast!

Check out what Jen Tan, Phil Nightingale, Sally Orrock, and Eleanor Rushton have to say about being in Zombies, Run!…

We’ve had a busy few weeks recording the Spring Virtual Race and a Top Secret Zombies, Run! project, plus we’re right in the middle of recording Season 5! Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos of the process…

Click on the photos for captions!


Some really quick (not so quick) Zombies Run fanart of Runner 8 and 7

I’ll get around to figuring out what in the hey Sam looks like (still not quite happy with my other sketches) and what my style is eventually. Also I’m so glad everyone headcanon’s Runner 7 as Idris Elba bc that’s my head canon too (still working on making him look like him more >_>)

ZombieLink under maintenance

Thusday 10am UK time: And we’re back online! Thanks for your patience, everyone.

ZombieLink is currently under maintenance, which means you won’t be able to log in. We know this is annoying, so we’re working on getting it back up and running as soon as possible. 

Don’t worry – all your user information and run logs haven’t disappeared, and there’s no need to reset your password! We’re working on a fix right now, and you’ll be able to get updates here.

Goodnight, sweet iOS 7

Our 4.4.3 update for the iPhone, out today, brings all of our latest features including Achievements to iOS 7.1. This is our final major update for iOS 7 —  all future updates will require iOS 8 or beyond.

Why? Simply, we can develop features and improvements much faster if we only target iOS 8+, and it also streamlines our testing and QA processes. Under 2% of our users are running iOS 7, and most of them have devices capable of running iOS 8+ (in case you’re interested, over 90% of ZR users are on iOS 9). So if you have an iPhone 4s or above, you’re absolutely fine.

v4.4.3 will receive new content and be supported by ZombieLink for quite some time, plus it’s solid as a rock, so don’t panic! But if you can, we’d strongly encourage you to upgrade…