Featuring my foldable water bottle which… oh my god it’s holy! I always have it clipped to my bag when I go out and when it’s empty I can juse fold it up until I can fill it up again
A doodlish sketch I made of “Runner 5” The main protagonist of Zombies, Run! Whom is… you…
So in a way this is a self portrait!
Only in this one “I” am a looooot fitter XD
The app is available on IOS and Android and I definitely reccommend it!!!
Especially check out Radio Abel! As Eugene and Jack are precious!

And for those who are wondering… I do in fact talk to my ‘radio’ when I’m out on a run.

This Zombie Life

Time for an old favourite, now. Something to enjoy with a nice cold drink and a seat in the sun, perhaps (at least for our Northern Hemisphere Runners 5). Here’s a spoiler-free excerpt from Radio Abel Season One: This Zombie Life. 

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, This American Life is a weekly radio show and podcast which gathers stories from all walks of life for your entertainment. 

It’s wonderful, and it’s a favourite of many of ours here at Six to Start. Which is why, way back when, three of us – Naomi Alderman, Matt Wieteska, and Adrian Hon – got together with our favourite post-apocalypse radio hosts to produce this loving homage.

With the new update, is there any way to listen to the seasons with all the regular and side missions intermixed? I’m still on Season 2 but now the missions are sorted differently and it makes me sad. I want you guys to choose the order I listen to the side missions in – not do it myself!

Some background: The S2 side missions were originally written to (mostly) take place outside of normal story continuity. The reason we decided to separate them from the normal sequence in ZR4 is because they often messed with the overall tone of the story arc, and would result in weird things like Runner 5 going on a fun jaunt in the midst of some deadly-serious multi-mission adventure.

So, a good way to play the side missions would be to still interleave them with the normal story missions (e.g. two story missions, one side mission) but just bear in mind that they aren’t part of the main continuity (although they definitely are canon! (except for the Halloween ones, obvs)).

Have you guys thought about making some of the items you have to pick up in the 5K trainer like the book? It could have bonus content stuff and back stories, that kind of thing.

For sure! We already have a book in the works, which we announced in this very thorough Guardian interview by Keith Stuart:

We are deep into the planning of the first book set within the Zombies, Run! universe, and there is potential for original audio dramas that are not about you running away from zombies, but which are set within the Zombies, Run! universe.

All of these things take time and release dates are unpredictable, so we’ve been holding off on trumpeting this stuff too loudly. Also, there are only so many hours in the day that Naomi Alderman, our lead writer and co-creator, can expand the Zombies, Run! universe 😉

i almost died laughing on the treadmill yesterday while listening to your app. see, when i run i listen exclusively to showtunes, and the song sweet transvestite from the rocky horror picture show came on. it was at that moment that one of the radio abel hosts chose to announce that he had had his first kiss to that song. i cracked up (slightly impeded by the fact i was running) and spent the rest of the run imagining how that wouldve happened

From Matt Wieteska, writer of Radio Abel: Oh wow, that’s maybe my favourite song for Jack’s first kiss ever. You can imagine it so clearly:

Jack, having told his parents he’s staying the night at a friend’s house, sneaks into town for the screening. He’s heard a lot about it, but never seen the film before. He’s nervous at first, but there’s the costumes and the energy and besides he’s told his parents he’ll be out all night, so he may as well make use of it. I mean it’d be dumb if he didn’t even see the film, right? 

He doesn’t know any of the call-and-response script but tries to catch up as the film plays. Then, during the long anticipation, the Frank-n-furter who had, up until that point, been strutting wonderfully up and down the aisle, leans in and plants a big, red stamp on Jack’s lips. 

Amazing. My new head-canon.