i almost died laughing on the treadmill yesterday while listening to your app. see, when i run i listen exclusively to showtunes, and the song sweet transvestite from the rocky horror picture show came on. it was at that moment that one of the radio abel hosts chose to announce that he had had his first kiss to that song. i cracked up (slightly impeded by the fact i was running) and spent the rest of the run imagining how that wouldve happened

From Matt Wieteska, writer of Radio Abel: Oh wow, that’s maybe my favourite song for Jack’s first kiss ever. You can imagine it so clearly:

Jack, having told his parents he’s staying the night at a friend’s house, sneaks into town for the screening. He’s heard a lot about it, but never seen the film before. He’s nervous at first, but there’s the costumes and the energy and besides he’s told his parents he’ll be out all night, so he may as well make use of it. I mean it’d be dumb if he didn’t even see the film, right? 

He doesn’t know any of the call-and-response script but tries to catch up as the film plays. Then, during the long anticipation, the Frank-n-furter who had, up until that point, been strutting wonderfully up and down the aisle, leans in and plants a big, red stamp on Jack’s lips. 

Amazing. My new head-canon.