May 20th Content Drop

They’re here! Two Brand-New Season Four Missions are ready and waiting for all players in the Season Four tab of the missions menu in your app. This week, we have:

  • S4M3: “Post War Blues" 
  • S4M4: "Super Bass”

Both missions are available right now to Pro Members, or either one can be unlocked for free using your weekly unlock credit if you’re a Free or Legacy member. 

Check them out and let us know what you think!

Abel Township Runner’s Quiz

Since the launch of the All-New Zombies, Run! last week, we’ve welcomed countless new Runners to Abel Township. To celebrate, we thought we’d give you all – new runners and old – a little quiz. How well will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

If you’re struggling to get a perfect score, never fear! We’ll be giving you all the best advice from Abel’s finest as we serialise our amazing Abel Township Runner’s Guide in the app over the coming weeks. Featuring stories from the runners, tips on how to survive in the field and plenty more, you won’t want to miss a single installment! Read the first one today on the home-page of your Zombies, Run! app.

We’ve now closed the quiz, but stay tuned for future quizzes!

Welcome New Runners!

This post is for you: an introduction not only to the app, but to all the amazing online resources that will make your Zombies, Run! adventure the best it can be. Check it all out below!


We’re really excited to welcome all you new runners to the world of Zombies, Run!, and we’re super proud of the game we’ve made. We want you to have as trouble-free a time with it as possible, so here’s a list of official resources to visit if you have any problems, questions, or just want to give us an internet-high-five.

Support: If you’re having problems with the app or website, take a look at the “Help” section in the app or head over to our support site. 

Twitter and Facebook: We’re on Twitter (@zombiesrungame) and Facebook, so come and say hi! Share a story, ask a question or show us your Abel Township.

Zombielink: Our online service for syncing, sharing and reviewing your run logs and statistics. It’s still in rapid development, but it’ll be an essential resource for all Zombies, Run! players. Login here or register if you don’t yet have an account. 

Unofficial: Your Fellow Runners

Zombies, Run! is different from other running apps. We don’t just track your runs — we turn them into adventures. You might find that like so many of our players, you’re just as interested in what happens next as improving your split times. 

For when that happens, there’s a whole wonderful community online ready to speculate, celebrate and share stories with: 

Tumblr: You’ll find plenty of posts right here, usually on these tags: zombies run, zombies run!, zombiesrun 

There’s also a wonderful Zombies, Run! fandom welcome post out there with loads more resources for how to get the most out of your Zombies, Run! Tumblr-ing, including how to avoid spoilers. Give it a read, it might just save your life. 

Reddit: Check out r/runner5! There’s plenty of running stories, tips, and speculation, and the community there are really helpful if you have any questions. A few of us at STS hang out there, so be sure to say hi to adrianhon (StS CEO and ZR co-creator) or GameCatW (me – writer of Radio Abel and director of all our audio) if you see us there!

Twitter: Share your stories, pictures of your Abel Township, or your new personal best (we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of those!). Common hashtags are #zombiesrun and #zombiesrungame. Take a look and join in!

The All-New Zombies, Run! is out now — and free-to-play!

NOTE: We’re aware of ZombieLink problems with signing in and resetting passwords, and are working on a fix right now. If you’re having problems, please check the “Known Issues” list in the help section of the app.

Get ready, Runner 5. This is not a drill. The All-New Zombies, Run! app is here in all its glory, and Season 4 launches today!

But there’s more: Zombies, Run! is now free-to-play! Here’s what this means for you:

Existing ‘Legacy’ Players

We’re now giving you unlimited access to every single mission up to the end of Season 3 – plus Interval Training and Race Missions and all 150+ story missions. For free. Your support has kept us going for the past three years. Your season pass purchases, your love of our story and our characters, your feedback and wonderful words of support. You are the engine behind Zombies, Run!

Even better, you can unlock one mission of Season 4 every week for free, or upgrade to Pro Membership for unlimited S4 access. Because you’ve supported us, Pro Membership costs only $7.99/year (it’s $19.99 for new players).

Android users: You’ll need to download a new (free) app to get access to the new content – but otherwise everything else will be the same.

New ‘Free’ Players 

Starting from today, new players can download Zombies, Run! for free. They’ll get access to part of Season 1, plus the ability to unlock a new mission every week. Now there’s no excuse to avoid trying out Zombies, Run!

To get unlimited access to all 200+ Seasons 1-4 story missions plus all game modes, free players can upgrade to Pro for just $2.99/month or $19.99/year.

We’re really excited about making Zombies, Run! free-to-play. We’ve always believed that everyone will love becoming Runner 5, and now everyone can! We can’t wait to welcome legions of new runners into the most supportive, passionate and wonderful fandom known to the internet.

But what about Season 4? It’s already here! The first two missions are available to play right now, with two new missions coming every Wednesday. We’re really excited for you all to play them.

New Features

We’re always working hard to improve Zombies, Run! every year, and we’re proud to announce a whole host of new features today. Some of these will be coming to iOS first, and others are on Android first. That’s because what’s easy on one platform can be a nightmare on the other – but rest assured we’re aiming to get both versions to parity soon!

Both iOS and Android players are getting these improvements today:

  • Gorgeous new user interface: Zombies, Run! has never looked better! Janine’s been hard at work giving every surface a new coat of paint, every menu a polish and every screen that little bit of extra flair. Even better: every mission now has a glorious piece of banner artwork meaning our story now looks as good as it sounds.
  • Recap and teaser clips: Been a while since your last mission? Let our “Previously on Zombies, Run!” clips remind you what’s going on at Abel. Need even more reasons to raise the gates for your next run? The brand-new “Next On” teasers will get your blood pumping and your feet moving.
  • Run log maps in the app: See where you were when Sam professed his love of ice cream rolls, which local landmark you were passing when you escaped that zombie mob, and which hill you crested at that perfect moment in your playlist.
  • Base builder improvements: Getting Abel Township off the ground used to be really tricky. Not enough materials, complicated pre-requisites for buildings, pricey base extensions. That’s why we tweaked the base builder to make it more balanced, easier to understand, and much more fun. Now rebuilding Abel is as much fun as running from it!
  • Mission synopses: You’ve come a long way, Runner 5. Saved the world more times than you can count. Travelled countless miles and outrun danger at every turn. That’s a lot to remember – which is why all missions now have synopses so you can re-live your favourite moments from Abel history.
  • Autoplay your next mission: No more fumbling with your phone. No more split run logs. Just pure, unadulterated binge-running.
  • Improved external music support: Start Spotify, Pandora, or any other music app before you run, and we’ll lower your music volume when Abel Township gets in touch. Wherever your music is coming from, we’ll keep it right there with you while you’re saving the world.  

For iOS:

  • Adjustable zombie chase difficulty: Not getting enough adrenaline? Make the zombies faster and more frequent. Getting caught a little too often? Space those chases out or slow those zoms down. Now you call the shots!
  • Customise clip spacing: Out for a short run? Get those clips playing more often so you can fit in the whole mission. Training for a marathon? Spread them out so we’re with you the whole way round. Your run, your way.
  • Apple Health support: Workouts can now be synced with Apple Health, so you can keep track of all your fitness data in one place.

For Android:

  • Live mission progress tracker: Keep track of exactly how far through your mission you are! No more wondering how many more laps of the track you need to do, no more worrying about whether or not this mission will keep you going all the way home!
  • Even better external music integration: We won’t just lower the volume of music played back by Spotify/Pandora/Google Play Music – we’ll attempt to pause it when Abel needs to get in touch. Your music and our story play perfectly together.

A few weeks ago, we said Interval Training would arrive on Android at launch. We haven’t quite managed that, and we’d like to apologise sincerely. As soon as we address any bugs related to the new version, Interval Training on Android is at the top of our list. There is some good news though – existing ‘legacy’ players will get Interval Training for free!

So: Free access to Season 4, a whole bunch of amazing new missions, great new features, massive improvements to the app. Sound good? Head over to your app store of choice and download the update! If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the latest update or Season 4, leave us a comment below this post, get in touch on with zombiesrungame​ on Twitter, or find us on r/runner5 on Reddit.

Zombies, Run! Season 4 Wrap Party


Formula One drivers and champagne. Presidential candidates and balloons. The Zombies, Run! team and parties in North London pubs. Every success has its appropriate celebration and we marked ours last night at the wrap party for Zombies, Run! Season 4. 


It was an absolute joy to celebrate all the hard work that has gone into Zombies, Run! over the course of the last year with all the people that make it possible: our amazing actors, wonderful writers and dedicated developers. 


But more than anything else, it was our pleasure to welcome for the first time some lucky Zombies, Run! players. Everyone here at Six to Start had a great time meeting the fans, and we were blessed to receive some gorgeous gifts from our guests. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! 

Sneak Peek of our new Trailer

As you know, we’re launching the all-new Zombies, Run! this Thursday! As you know, we’re very very excited about it. So excited that we’ll also be releasing a brand-new, super-gorgeous, dramatic trailer.

In fact, we’re even more excited than that. We’re so damn excited that we just couldn’t wait any longer, and we’ve inserted a surprise sneak peek at the trailer right here in this post! 

We think this trailer is totally amazing and really gets to the heart of how atmospheric it can be to head out for a run with ZR. We can’t wait to share the full thing with you on Thursday!