Welcome New Runners!

This post is for you: an introduction not only to the app, but to all the amazing online resources that will make your Zombies, Run! adventure the best it can be. Check it all out below!


We’re really excited to welcome all you new runners to the world of Zombies, Run!, and we’re super proud of the game we’ve made. We want you to have as trouble-free a time with it as possible, so here’s a list of official resources to visit if you have any problems, questions, or just want to give us an internet-high-five.

Support: If you’re having problems with the app or website, take a look at the “Help” section in the app or head over to our support site. 

Twitter and Facebook: We’re on Twitter (@zombiesrungame) and Facebook, so come and say hi! Share a story, ask a question or show us your Abel Township.

Zombielink: Our online service for syncing, sharing and reviewing your run logs and statistics. It’s still in rapid development, but it’ll be an essential resource for all Zombies, Run! players. Login here or register if you don’t yet have an account. 

Unofficial: Your Fellow Runners

Zombies, Run! is different from other running apps. We don’t just track your runs — we turn them into adventures. You might find that like so many of our players, you’re just as interested in what happens next as improving your split times. 

For when that happens, there’s a whole wonderful community online ready to speculate, celebrate and share stories with: 

Tumblr: You’ll find plenty of posts right here, usually on these tags: zombies run, zombies run!, zombiesrun 

There’s also a wonderful Zombies, Run! fandom welcome post out there with loads more resources for how to get the most out of your Zombies, Run! Tumblr-ing, including how to avoid spoilers. Give it a read, it might just save your life. 

Reddit: Check out r/runner5! There’s plenty of running stories, tips, and speculation, and the community there are really helpful if you have any questions. A few of us at STS hang out there, so be sure to say hi to adrianhon (StS CEO and ZR co-creator) or GameCatW (me – writer of Radio Abel and director of all our audio) if you see us there!

Twitter: Share your stories, pictures of your Abel Township, or your new personal best (we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of those!). Common hashtags are #zombiesrun and #zombiesrungame. Take a look and join in!