So Long And Thanks For All The Pics

You guys. You. Guys. What an evening! Our first ever live Zombies, Run! event was an absolutely storming success this past Friday, and it’s all thanks to our amazing fans. How do we love you? Oh, let me count the ways. 

1) So many of you turned up to see us on Friday night, and in such fantastic costumes! Here’s a group shot of the volunteer Runners Five who came along to help out with the event. How badass do they look? So badass they’d make Sara Smith back down. 


2) Seriously so many of you turned up that people were being turned away by the dozen. A reliable source told me that over 500 people attended across all three performances. That’s an entire Abel Township’s worth! (Depending on how many times you’ve upgraded your housing…) 


This is a lot of people. 

Look how many people. In just one of the performances!


3) ZR Fans look out for one another! When lindleyjo ran into some transportation problems that resulted in her being unable to attend at the last minute, collected-sports-bra stepped up and made sure she got a personal greeting from our very own Phil Nightingale and Jennifer Tan. So lovely! 

4) Seriously you guys check out this zombie. This is a terrifying zombie. Zombie: you are zombie-ing correctly. 


5) Check out all these awesome photos of the goodies (and videos!) our Runners Five collected! 

6) Oh my god people brought us presents and they were absolutely amazing. Just look at this stuff. 


Yes that is a hand-crafted Zombies, Run! logo. Yes it is basically the best thing ever. 

No wait, look! It’s tiny adorable Phil and Zoe and Zombie Runner Five! 

Oh. My. God. Yes.

It’s official. Zombies, Run! has the best fans in the world ever, ever, ever. Thanks for making our evening extra special, and for being so dedicated, creative and passionate. Stay Safe Out There!