Zombies, Run! Playlist Creation Contest!

We’ve all had one of those moments. They can be thrilling. They can be scary. They can be hilarious. But one thing’s for certain: when your playlist and Zombies, Run! are working in perfect harmony, it’s pure magic.

We’re all about magic here at Six to Start, so we want more of these moments to happen. Which is why we’re kicking off a brand-new contest today: The Zombies, Run! Playlist Creation Contest!


(Image: Abel Township, later tonight.)

Starting today, we’re calling on all our wonderful Runners Five to create their ideal playlist for each Zombies, Run! mission. Which songs do you want to hear when you re-run “A Voice In The Dark”? What’s going to get your heart beating fastest during the epic finale to Season Two? This is your opportunity to share them with the entire community! Here’s how it works: 

  1. Check out this chart. It shows the lengths of every story and side mission in the game, calculated using an average song length of 4 minutes. This is the same length of time as the gaps the app uses to separate mission clips when music hasn’t been selected. This means that, when you play a mission using a non-native music player (like Spotify!), each mission should run to the length listed in our chart.
  2. Create your playlist on Spotify. You’re effectively making a score for the mission here, so think about which songs you want to kick in at which points during the mission. 
  3. Make sure your playlist is public (by default, they are).
  4. Right-click the playlist in Spotify and select “Copy Spotify URI”. 
  5. Fill out this short form to send your playlist through to us. 
  6. Check out all the other awesome playlists that have been submitted!

To provide a little inspiration, I’ve created a playlist of my own for Mission One. Check it out, then show us all how much better you can do by creating your own!


(Image: Me, yesterday, courtesy wikimedia commons)

We’ll be highlighting some of our favourite playlists here on the blog, and will be awarding some awesome prizes to the players who contribute the most and the best playlists. 

What’s more, with the launch of Zombies, Run! 4, we’ll be making it easier to discover and share Zombies, Run! themed Spotify playlists from right inside the app. You’re not just making these playlists to get yourself moving, you could be creating the mix that a million people play when they begin their journey to become Runner Five. 

So, get to it! The music-lovers of Abel need you!