Happy Holidays from Zombies, Run!

2015 is going to be an exciting year. Let’s get ready for Season 4! Until then…

May all your gates be raised, may all your runs be fruitful with ammo and artefacts and supplies and sports bras, may your base expand with hospitals and farms and statues and tequila shacks galore, and may you all stay safe out there!

7 Minute Motion Tracking Workout Now Available!

All good things must come to an end…

Even the Winter of Workouts. That’s right, I’m afraid to say that today is the final day in our “Winter of Workouts” celebration. But we’re not fading away like the sober person at a party when the clock strikes “boogie”. No! We’re going out with a bang. A bang that looks, sounds and acts very much like the best goddamn home workout app you’ve ever seen: “7 Minute Motion Tracking Workout”

7 Minute Motion Tracking Workout is the smartphone fitness app you’ve been waiting for. Check out this list of awesome features right here:

Automatic Rep Tracking – No more need to enter your workouts into fiddly tracking apps. No more need for a spotter. No more need to teach your pets how to count or how to recognise correct form for a Power Squat. We got you. We’ll count all your reps and calculate your calories as well, using our innovative front-camera motion tracking technology. Try getting a budgie to do that. 

12 Workout Routines – A good workout is like a good meal: varied, well-thought through and guaranteed to leave you sweating. We’ve got a full-blown Michelin Star menu of them right here for you. 12 energetic, exciting workouts, including the classic ‘7 Minute Workout’. No more boredom!

Achievements – This app isn’t just going to give you poxy “real life achievements” like “building strength” and “improving cardiovascular function” and “feeling better about yourself, your body and your life”. Hell no. We’ll do all those things and we’ll give you shiny digital medals for them so you can show everyone in your life just how much you’re killing it. Which is so much.

TV – We know how it is. You’re working out, concentrating on your form and your motivation and not knocking your living room lamp over. You want your instructions, your rep count and your timers where you can see them: right there on your very own television. Yet again, we’ve got you covered. 7 Minute Motion Tracking Workout is optimised for Apple TV, so you can bring your home workout to the big screen. 

I don’t need to sell you on this anymore. This app is awesome, we’re incredibly proud of it, and it’s going to supercharge your home workouts like you wouldn’t believe. 

7 Minute Motion Tracking Workout is available now on iPhone and iPad, priced at just $0.99 / €0.89 / £0.69 

December Community Roundup

Deck The Walls With Mounds Of Zombies

Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la laaaaaaaaa

It’s December! Which means it’s time to don your cheesiest christmas jumper, make yourself a nice hot cup of cocoa and settle in for the final Zombies, Run! Community roundup of 2014. 

Click the readmore for awesome art, wonderful writing, S3 spoilers and pictures of cider

In fact, hold fire on that cocoa for just a second there. I think I’ve got something you might like more. WTFRJK has only gone and made some of Phil Cheeseman’s “Truth Or Dare” Cider (better known as “Captain Phil’s Ol’ Lumberjack Blinder”, “Tuesday Night Mayhem” and “Dear god, what have I done to deserve this, why is Jack wearing Zoe’s boots on his arms again?!”). I think this stuff looks absolutely amazing and I’m frankly gutted by the fact that I’ll never get to taste it.


My spider-sense is tingling so I think it’s really important to mention that alcoholic beverages should be enjoyed responsibly and only when it is legal for you to do so at your current age in your current location. Stay safe out there, everybody. Cider is tasty, but safety is tastier

OK, now that we all have something delicious to enjoy, how about some lovely wintery listening? And what better for that than the latest episode of the Zombies, Run! fandom’s very own unofficial podcast, Podcast Detected? This time Devin and Lindley are discussing all their favourite fanworks – something we have in common today! 

That’s the scene setting done. Now let’s get on with the fun. Here’s a round-up of our favourite fanworks / blog posts / comments / miscellaneous material from around the Zombies, Run! fandom this month. 

Art and Stuff!

OK you guys just look at this. Look at it! Look at this and then go away and think about what you, collectively, have done as a fandom. Just look at his face. Thaumivore, you are a danger to society and my heart.


I always love it when we get to see art of characters that aren’t drawn so often, and this bonkers amazing pairing of Zoe and Louise is pretty much the bestworst thing. I can’t decide if I love the tattoos, the headgear or the Van-Ark-May-Care attitude on their faces more. The Wondersmith is, as always, a goddamn heartbreaker.  


From face-squishingly-great character portraits to “changing my desktop wallpaper right now holy poops take a look at this”: Decrescendo has made some truly stunning Runner Five themed designs this month. We’re all huge fans of these in the office. Amazing work.


Right so this isn’t strictly fanart but shut up just shut up ok because it’s awesome. Mousecarter42 stuck her Zombies, Run! sticker on the back of her mac and it makes an amazing silhouette in the dark. That is all. Just. Awesome.


There’s obviously far too much amazing fan art out there to call attention to every piece, but I couldn’t leave this month’s community roundup without mentioning Ask Abel Runner Five. They’re currently on their tenth day straight of posting adorable comics based on prompts from the fandom. If you haven’t seen it yet, I have only four words for you: Sam In Animal Ears.



As always, there’s been a tonne of great fics this month, but I wanted to draw attention to Cocytus by Sam Yaoza and Sports Bras, which is a moving piece on grief and love, and Empty by Tumblyorro, which does a fantastic job of getting inside Janine’s head towards the end of Season Two. Great work from both.

Community Initiatives

One of the best things about watching the ZR fandom grow over the past three years has been seeing the beginning of some truly wonderful community initiatives. This month we have Don’t Die December, in which members of the fandom commit to their fitness goals for December. It’s great to see the community coming together to encourage each other. Keep it up, Runners Five! We’ve also got Zombies, Run! Secret Santa, in which members of the fandom swap art, stories and other works as christmas presents. It’s too late to sign up now, I’m afraid, but I can’t wait to see all the great stuff you guys turn out!

Thanks to all of our amazing fans, and everyone out there running to keep Abel Township safe. You guys rock. Happy holidays!

Step Buy Step Out Now on iPhone!



Once You Step, You Just Can’t Stop

It’s that time of the week again, everyone. Time for a brand new release in our Winter of Workouts and it’s a real doozy this time: Step Buy Step: A Pedometer Adventure is now available on iOS.

What’s Step Buy Step? Only the greatest Pedometer Adventure Game in history. Only the cutest collection of animal walking companions this side of The Animals of Farthing Wood. Only the perfect symbiosis of Cookie-Clicker style gameplay, fitness and story.

Step Buy Step turns all your everyday walking into an adventure. We track your steps and turn them into Stepps – our magical currency. You’ll use this currency to expand your caravan of cute and cuddly companions.

Every animal adventurer who joins you on your quest will increase how many Stepps you earn for every step you take, until you’re crossing entire countries in a single stride!

With five exciting challenges, gorgeous graphics by artist Estee Chan and more zoological puns than you can shake a stick insect at, Step Buy Step is the only pedometer you need and the greatest ambulatory adventure you’ll ever have.

Step Buy Step is out now for iPhone at $1.99 / €1.79 / £1.49

Give the Gift (Certificate) of Zombies, Run!

Like the ravening undead hordes, the holiday season is once again rapidly approaching. A time for coming together with your loved ones, decapitating those of you who have already gone grey and giving lovely presents to the rest. 

The problem being, of course, that most presents are replete with issues that make them basically useless and terrible.

  1. You have to leave your house to get them
  2. They’re heavy and difficult to carry from place to place
  3. They don’t have kickass pictures of zombie elves all over the place


…Until Now

Introducing the Zombies, Run! Christmas Gift Certificate. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go over to the iTunes App Store and buy a gift code for your favourite Zombie-themed running app. Unfortunately, Google Play don’t let you gift apps so this step’s just for iOS users. 
  2. Download our gift certificate – it’s free! 
  3. Print that thing out. 
  4. Do your best impression of the world’s top bureaucrat and fill in all the boxes (including the gift code you got from Apple!)
  5. Deliver the love like a postal worker on Valentine’s Day. 

It could not be easier. Well, it could be but we can’t do everything for you. 

Merry Christmas, Runners!

7 Minute Superhero Workout Now on Android – plus 40% off!

Our sister app, 7 Minute Superhero Workout, is out now on Android! (Yes, we have a new name, as well!). We’re really thrilled that we get to bring the adventures of AEGIS One to Android phones and tablets, and we think the app will give players a fantastic workout.

We’ve also updated our iOS app to version 1.1, adding seven all-new challenges alongside our existing thrill-a-minute motion-tracking gameplay.

And to celebrate the release, we’ve dropped the price to $2.99 on both platforms! There’s never been a better time to sign up with the ODC and join the fight to defend the Earth.



New Features for iOS and Android

We’ve added a new Challenge mode for iPhones and iPads that’ll push you to your limits: how many ski jumps can you complete in 100 seconds? How long can you maintain 25 pushups per minute?

We’ve also introduced a Checkpoint system for both platforms, allowing you to split the longer missions into shorter 8-9 minute chunks so you can catch your breath or simply try out even more rapid workouts. Finally, on iOS you can now choose your own music to play during Workouts!

You can grab Superhero Workout right now from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for $2.99!

image image

Find out more on our website and follow @superherogame on Twitter.