Give the Gift (Certificate) of Zombies, Run!

Like the ravening undead hordes, the holiday season is once again rapidly approaching. A time for coming together with your loved ones, decapitating those of you who have already gone grey and giving lovely presents to the rest. 

The problem being, of course, that most presents are replete with issues that make them basically useless and terrible.

  1. You have to leave your house to get them
  2. They’re heavy and difficult to carry from place to place
  3. They don’t have kickass pictures of zombie elves all over the place


…Until Now

Introducing the Zombies, Run! Christmas Gift Certificate. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go over to the iTunes App Store and buy a gift code for your favourite Zombie-themed running app. Unfortunately, Google Play don’t let you gift apps so this step’s just for iOS users. 
  2. Download our gift certificate – it’s free! 
  3. Print that thing out. 
  4. Do your best impression of the world’s top bureaucrat and fill in all the boxes (including the gift code you got from Apple!)
  5. Deliver the love like a postal worker on Valentine’s Day. 

It could not be easier. Well, it could be but we can’t do everything for you. 

Merry Christmas, Runners!