New Ways to Share in v3.1 iOS

In the latest version of Zombies, Run! for iOS, we’ve made it much easier to share your stats, bases and run logs with the world. We’ve added automatic sharing of run logs straight from the app, as well as an updated stats bar on the front screen. Drag it along to see your top-line stats and then tap it to dive into the full statistics page. How handy!


Sharing your base is easy: Just tap the share button in the top right hand corner and you’ll be given a camera overlay. Pinch and drag to position your base exactly how you want it, then press the camera button. Simple!


If you’re curious about what your tweets will look like, take a peek at this real-world example.


Likewise with your run logs and stats. Just tap that share button and choose whether you want to push it to Twitter or Facebook.



To activate automatic posting of runs to Twitter or Facebook, head over to the Settings > Player page and scroll down until you see the options below.


You may also notice that we’ve added an indicator on the Mission Complete screen, which will let you know whether you currently have autosharing for Twitter or Facebook enabled. You’ll also be able to enable and disable them from here, in case you forgot to do so before you set out on your run!

Zombies, Run! community round up: May 2014

A big thank you to everyone who has submitted something for the latest Zombies, Run! community round up. As usual, we’re blown away by the amount of great Zombies, Run! related stuff you guys produce. We’ve lots to get through, so let’s get started!

First up is Crim (Crimson Sun on Tumblr) who has created some stunning Zombies, Run! artwork. We don’t have the space here to show you all of their amazing work, so be sure to check out their Tumblr (specifically Zombies, Run! related stuff is here) if you like what you see! 

Next up, Alexander Riley has created a collection of posters, the likes of which we wouldn’t be surprised to see pinned up around Abel Township. Again, we’ve not got space to show you them all, but if you’re interested in seeing more you can go ahead and check out xanderiley1’s Tumblr page.

Kristen Coughlan sent us her fanfic titled “My Zombie Life – The Recording”. You can find an excerpt below and the full story is available to read right here.

Before the Zombie Plaque I did many jobs: data entry, website designer, paper delevery, factory worker, and call centre worker. The ecomony was bad and jobs didn’t last long. They either went out of business or laid off workers to send the jobs overseas.

When I wasn’t working, me and some friends were working to restore an old hotel on a large piece of land in the country side. We pooled in our money and won it in an auction. It used to be a getaway for the rich during Victoria Times. We planned to fixed it up and either make it into a business or sell it. One of the plans to make it off the grid and self-suffant. We lived in rooms that were fixed up until the construction was

If you’re hankering for some more Zombies, Run! fanfiction, you can check out the fan-run ZR Delicious, which is updated regularly. If you see anything you think deserves to be featured here on the official Zombies, Run! blog then let us know by emailing

Also, we don’t have many details yet, but Londoners may be interested to know that there will likely be panels about Zombies, Run! at both Nine Worlds Geekfest and Loncon 3. We’ll update you as soon as we have additional news about this.

There’s an unofficial Zombies, Run! podcast now

Since the start of Season 3 we’ve seen a huge resurgence in fan activity — clearly these new missions are inspiring you! So much so, in fact, that some Zombies, Run! fans have started a regular podcast.

The aptly-named Podcast Detected is only a couple of episodes into its run, so this is the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor. You’ll be in the safe hands of megafans collected-sports-bra, zalia, devbneo, nonchalantmemories, elevengeronimos and the-illusion-of-sanity as they discuss the latest missions and other Zombies, Run! goings-on.

Episode 1 is embedded above and you can find Ep 2 on the Podcast Detected tumblr page. New episodes are promised regularly!

We’ve also found a couple of pieces of great Zombies, Run! fan art. Here’s a brilliant pic of Janine dressed up as Captain America (based on Zalia’s fanfic) as drawn by Crownleys.


We’re looking to put together another Zombies, Run! Fan Roundup soon, so we need you to let us know if you’ve created something awesome (or seen something awesome someone else has created). It could be art, fiction, audio, tree carving or even just a cloud you think kinda looks like Sam Yao.

Send it our way by emailing it to

What’s new in the latest version of Zombies, Run!

You may have noticed that the Zombies, Run! app has been updated on both Android and iOS recently. We’ve been hard at work since Season 3 launched, squashing bugs and making sure every feature works exactly how it should. Here’s what’s new in the latest versions on each platform:

Android (v3.0.9)

  • New Airdrop Mode designer – we’ve made it much faster!

  • You’re now able to share your statistics on Twitter straight from the app.

  • We squashed some bugs which were affecting base synching and miles/km conversion.

  • Improvements to the user interface. (Added in 3.0.8)

  • We fixed the store error, so everyone can go ahead and purchase a Season Pass. (Added in 3.0.7)

iOS (3.0.2)

  • Older devices will no longer crash during long runs.

  • Materials have been retroactively awarded for any Season 3 missions that have been run.

  • Fixed issues with run logs related to failed chases.

  • Various bugs squashed alongside user interface improvements. (Added in 3.0.1)

  • The Season 3 Special Pass is now available to more users. (Added in 3.0.1)

These updates are available right now, so head on over to the appropriate app store to grab them.