What’s new in the latest version of Zombies, Run!

You may have noticed that the Zombies, Run! app has been updated on both Android and iOS recently. We’ve been hard at work since Season 3 launched, squashing bugs and making sure every feature works exactly how it should. Here’s what’s new in the latest versions on each platform:

Android (v3.0.9)

  • New Airdrop Mode designer – we’ve made it much faster!

  • You’re now able to share your statistics on Twitter straight from the app.

  • We squashed some bugs which were affecting base synching and miles/km conversion.

  • Improvements to the user interface. (Added in 3.0.8)

  • We fixed the store error, so everyone can go ahead and purchase a Season Pass. (Added in 3.0.7)

iOS (3.0.2)

  • Older devices will no longer crash during long runs.

  • Materials have been retroactively awarded for any Season 3 missions that have been run.

  • Fixed issues with run logs related to failed chases.

  • Various bugs squashed alongside user interface improvements. (Added in 3.0.1)

  • The Season 3 Special Pass is now available to more users. (Added in 3.0.1)

These updates are available right now, so head on over to the appropriate app store to grab them.