ZR3 is out + special Season Pass sale!

The wait is over! Zombies, Run! 3 is out right now. You can get your hands on it by heading over to the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store and updating your existing Zombies, Run! app for free!




60 new missions await! The first three episodes of Season 3 are free to download right now and we’ll be releasing more every week. Pick up a season pass and you’ll have access to these new missions as and when they’re available.




To celebrate the launch, we’ve dropped the price of all Season Passes, but only for a limited time:

  • Season 3 Pass: $5.99 (usually $7.99)
    All 60+ Season 3 Missions

  • Season 2 Pass: $5.99 (usually $7.99)
    All 60+ Season 2 Story Missions

We also have some new special passes:

  • All Access Pass (iOS): $13.99 (usually $17.99)
    Includes Season 2, Season 3, Race Missions and Interval Training Mode

  • All Access Pass (Android): $11.99 (usually $15.99)
    Includes Season 2, Season 3, and Race Missions

  • Season 3 Pass Plus (iOS): $7.99 (usually $9.99)
    Includes Season 3 and Interval Training Mode