Interval training coming to iOS with Zombies, Run! 3

We have one more surprise to share with you before Zombies, Run! 3’s release tomorrow: an entirely new game mode for iOS, one you’ve been requesting for quite a while. That’s right, advanced interval training is coming to Zombies, Run!

With interval training, you can construct custom workouts out of walking, jogging, and running, all wrapped into a dynamic and intense story — so whether you want a quick seven minute routine of sprinting and walking, or a longer twenty minute mixture of walking and jogging, the new interval training mode has you covered!

We’ll have a more in-depth look at how it works along with its development and writing process in the coming days. We’re currently still planning how and when to bring interval training to Android, but in the meantime rest assured that the interval training mode does not contain any story essential to the main plot.

You’ll be able to try out interval training for free with ZR3, and it’ll cost only $2.99 to create unlimited custom workouts!