Welcome to ZombieLink 2.0

ZombieLink 2.0, which includes social features and achievements, is now out of beta and live for everyone! You’ll notice the difference as soon as you visit the Zombies, Run! website; the whole site has been redesigned for efficiency and ease of use.

Social Features



Signing in to ZombieLink, you’ll notice a new sidebar on the left hand side. This is the News Bar and, as well as displaying the latest news from the Zombies, Run! Blog, will also be populated with the activity of other Zombies, Run! users who you follow. That’s right, interacting with your friends (and enemies) is no longer restricted to stalking their ZombieLink profile pages, now you can follow people and let their latest run records come directly to you.

To follow someone, you will need to visit their ZombieLink profile through the Zombies, Run! website. You will see a “Follow” button under their name, as shown above. Visiting another player’s ZombieLink profile through the normal Zombies, Run! website will not work, so if you’re having problems make sure you’re on the right version of the site!

The URL to the user’s profile should look like this: https://www.zombiesrungame.com/adrian/

New Profile Page


We’ve also given your ZombieLink profile page a drastic makeover. We’ve managed to fit a lot more run information on your profile page, while simultaneously making everything clearer at a glance. At the top you’ll notice a spotlight view of your latest run, alongside a thumbnail of your actual base.


Top level stats are also shown here, displaying a total number of runs as well as the total distance, time and the number of supplies you have collected since you began playing the game. You’ll also notice horizontal bars underneath several of these stats, which indicate how they stack against your other runs.


The coloured arrows in the “Pace” column of your run table indicate which runs are above and below your average pace. Depending on the intensity of the colour, you can quickly see which of your runs feature your best and worst pace. A bright red arrow, for example, means this run is well below your average, while a light green arrow means it’s slightly above average.

The idea of this redesign is to make it easy to see at a glance which of your runs are interesting and out of the ordinary. We think this helps everyone and is an innovative way of displaying your information.

Click that “Edit” button at the top of your run table and you can edit distances, share preferences and visibility options right on the profile page, as well as deleting any superfluous run logs you may have accidentally created. We’ve improved the visibility options, too. It’s now much harder to accidentally hide runs, as well as easier to make them visible again if you need to.


The next step is something that we think you’ll all be very excited about. We’re introducing a full achievement system into ZombieLink. If you’re unfamiliar with such a thing, this means that by completing in-game tasks or reaching certain milestones, you’ll be rewarded with a badge for your profile which you can show off to your friends.


We have a huge array of achievements planned, ranging from the simple (collect 100 supplies) right through to some which are much more difficult (run more than 20k in one run). We’ll also have some properly hardcore achievements for the completionists out there, such as one which requires you to run for a total of 1000 miles.

Achievements will be available soon and we’ll be letting you guys know as soon as we have more information and/or a solid release date for that. Don’t worry, you’ll be receiving any achievements you’re due retroactively, so you won’t need to start from scratch again. We’re not masochists.

If you have any problems with the new website, or any other feedback on ZombieLink 2.0, then be sure to email us at support@zombiesrungame.com.