Meet Runner 4 and Runner 10

We had some of the Zombies, Run! actors in the office recently, for nefarious reasons that may or may not be related to this piece over at Polygon. While they were here, we had a short chat about their Zombies, Run! characters and their experiences recording for the game.

Today we’re talking to Jennifer Tan, who plays Runner 4 as well as Nadia. Check out her interview below, including a sneaky snippet from an upcoming side mission. Don’t worry, we’ve kept clear of spoilers.

We’ve embedded the video that Jen mentions during her interview here, in case you want to see what it looks like when actors are trapped in a hot, dark box and told to come up with a tune to fit around a set of lyrics. On the spot.

Turns out they invent a frustratingly catchy earworm of a song, which spreads around the office like wildfire. Thanks guys.

Next up is Nick Kay, who played Runner 10. This interview is a little more spoilerific, so if you haven’t reached the end of Season 1 Mission 19, we recommend doing that before taking a listen…

We’ll be back at a later date with another pair of interviews. So look forward to hearing from Phil Nightingale (Sam Yao) and Olga Leon (Archie) in the near future…