Inside the Sound Booth

We’re back with another look behind the scenes of Zombies, Run! 2. This time we’re focused on the actors and what exactly goes on inside that new sound booth of ours. It’s hard to show voice actors at their finest without, you know, hearing their voices, so we’ve put together a few videos showing just a snippet of the recording sessions from before Christmas. 

We’ve tried to make sure that these videos are as spoiler-free as possible. There are no large plot spoilers, but obviously watching them will result in hearing portions of dialogue (and a touch of singing) ahead of the game’s release. You’ve been warned!

First up, we have a scene featuring Archie (who you should recognise from the New Canton Race Missions) and Nadia, the New Canton radio operator. That weird guy hiding in the corner is our director, Matt Wieteska. If he looks tired in any of these videos, it’s because he spent almost a full month practically living in this tiny dark room in order to bring you the very best performances our actors could give us.

Next up, a scene featuring everyone’s favourite radio operator, Sam Yao. Archie’s back, along with Doctor Maxine Myers and new character Jamie. There may or may not be a puppy involved… and this one does have an actual spoiler for a (little) part of the plot so if you’re concerned about remaining pristinely unspoiled, stay away.

Now something a little special. What happens when Sam Yao, Janine and Jody (Runner 4) are asked to wrap a tune around a set of song lyrics? Watch and find out…

And here’s the final scene featuring your new (least) favourite song – Text Me Up. Annoyingly catchy, isn’t it?

Finally, here’s a video of Richard, our Sound Engineer, creating some foley (sound effects) for hungry zombies chewing at human flesh. Spoiler: Zombies, Run! 2 will have zombies in it! This one is not for the faint hearted, or sentient oranges.

That’s all for now, but we hope you’ve enjoyed this peek behind the scenes. The actors will be back to record the second half of Zombies, Run! Season 2 in the next few months, so we’ll be sure to take a bunch more footage for you, if it’s something that you’d like to see. Let us know!