Version 1.1 for Android out now!

Come on, Android users – as if we’d leave you out in the cold! While iOS runners now have their hands on Version 1.4, we’ve been putting together an update for Android users, too. Zombies, Run! Version 1.1 for Android is full of bug fixes for common problems, plus we’ve added two features very commonly requested by Android users:

1) 7 Supply Runs – replayable missions with all new dialogue and story – are now available. These missions have no fixed duration, allowing you to head out and collect more items, with which to further expand your Abel Township. There are seven supply missions in total, bringing the total number of missions on the Android version of the app up to 30. 

2) We’ve also included Run Logs, so you can look back and check all your past run times, distances and item pick ups while you’re away from your computer. If you’ve been syncing with ZombieLink, your run logs will automatically populate with all your previous info once you’ve synced your device after installing the new version.

You can find Zombies, Run! on the Android Google Play store, if you haven’t done so already. We will continue to update the Android version of the app as much as possible. We’re very busy with some exciting upcoming content, but we haven’t forgotten you!