Zombies, Run! version 1.4 for iOS now available!

We told you it would be soon! Version 1.4 of Zombies, Run! is now available to download from the updates section of the iOS App Store.

Not bought the game yet? Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you. Here’s the App Store link. The best thing about grabbing the app right now? You’ll have all the great updates available in Version 1.4 right from the start. You won’t even know what you were missing.

Finally, a place to put all your stockpiled items – use them to upgrade your Abel Township from level 4 to level 5! Not only that, but a whole lot more Jack and Eugene. This time they’re trying something new with their radio show, so we’re intrigued to hear what you think of that. 

Check out our last blog post for the full list of updates and upgrades available in version 1.4. We’ll be back very soon with some Android news, but in the meantime be sure to let us know what you think of Zombies, Run! version 1.4!