Recon Report: What’s Happening Next with ZR

Now that we’ve launched v1.2 of Zombies, Run! and will be releasing the Android version in the next couple of months, we want to share a bit more information about what we have planned beyond that.

But first, it’s useful to explain why we’re often a bit cagey about providing exact release dates and plans:

  1. Every update we make to the game needs to go through Apple’s review process, which usually takes around a week, but has been known to be much slower or quicker – and on occasion, we even get rejected. This is the biggest reason why we can’t provide firm dates for updates; we could make an estimate, but we don’t want to blame Apple for delays because it’s not very helpful.

  2. We’re still figuring out how fast we can develop features and fix bugs. We’ve learned a lot about iOS and now Android in the last few months, but we’ve got a lot more to learn.

With that said, I can talk a little about what we have coming up. In no particular order:

  • We still need to release the final story mission of Season 1. This will be a free update. It’s almost entirely recorded and edited, but there is one last bit we need to do before it can go live.

  • We’re deep into development on Android, which is scheduled to launch in late May/June. We currently have two devs working full time on it and while the Android 1.0 release will not have everything that iOS 1.2 release has, it’ll have more than the iOS 1.0 release did. This is necessarily slowing down development of the iOS version but we expect this to be temporary.

  • We’re currently recording the audio for two paid add-on packs: Beginner 5k and Interval Training. These will be big updates with a ton of new story and really useful new features, and we’re aiming to release these in the coming few months.

  • We’re also working on the online syncing service, ZombieLink. It won’t come as a surprise that like other running apps, we want to let you see your run logs online. But just as ZR is much cooler than other running apps, ZombieLink will accordingly be much cooler as well 😉

  • Once we’ve done the Beginner 5k and Interval Training packs, we still have a third paid add-on that we need to write and record, which will have yet more story. And we also want to release extra free missions as well.

  • Looking further ahead, there’s Season 2. We have a feature request list as big as Runner 5’s backpack, so we shall see what makes it in!

  • Finally, there is at least one super-awesome thing that is happening that I haven’t mentioned and will not mention until much closer to the time.

In practice, a lot of this stuff is happening in parallel; the solid sales of the app mean that we’ve been able to staff up pretty quickly.

So there you go – that’s what’s happening next with Zombies, Run! I can say for certain that the next 2-3 months holds a lot of awesome stuff to come – but then, ZR has only been out for 2 months as it is!

Photo courtesy Fran Pike