It’s Update Time: So many new features and missions in v1.2!

Note: Looks like there’s a bug that lets you collect free first aid kits (along with other less-useful things) – we’ll fix it in the next update, but until then, enjoy the free supplies! At least they’re not sports bras…

In the next few hours, you should be able to download our latest free v1.2 update to Zombies, Run! What delightful surprises does it contain? Why, let’s find out!

Zombie Chases in accelerometer mode

You read that right – if you have an iPod Touch or you run on treadmills, you can now get zombie chases. We’ve wanted to add this feature for a long time because we know so many of you have been waiting for it.

To activate zombie chases, you’ll need to go to a mission, tap on Tracking, switch Accelerometer to On and then tell us where you keep your device – in a pocket, in your hand, or in an armband. There’s no ‘best’ way to hold your device but you may find some positions work better for you than others.

It’s still an experimental feature because it’s not easy for us to reliably detect how fast you’re moving just from the accelerometer, but we’re pretty sure this should get you working up a sweat!

7 New Supply Missions

It’s a big update when ‘new missions’ doesn’t make it to the top of the list! These aren’t normal missions though – they’re designed to help you collect more supplies to build up your base, and as so they’re highly repeatable and they never end!

The supply missions are unlocked depending on your position in the story, so don’t worry if some are locked for the moment!

Long play mode

When we were first designing Zombies, Run! we wanted it to be accessible to every kind of runner, which is why we made missions last around 30-40 minutes long. But we know that a lot of our players go on runs that are over an hour long, so we’ve introduced ‘long play mode’ to extend missions to around one hour long.

It works in a really simple way – instead of playing just one song in between story and radio clips, we’ll play you two. When we’ve tested this, we find it works really well on 10k and 20k runs and it’s a great way of experiencing a story over a longer distance. You can enable it by going to the app Settings.

Post to Facebook

Not everyone is on Twitter! With this new feature, you can post a report of your run to friends on Facebook. The first time you do this, you’ll need to authorise us to post on your behalf, which for most people will mean that the Facebook app will open and make you tap a button. If you don’t have the Facebook app installed, you’ll have to log in on the web. Simple!

Audio bug fixes (‘stucking’)

Isn’t it annoying when your music goes quiet when you’re out running but the game audio is still loud? Yeah, we thought so too, so (fingers crossed) we fixed it in this update!

(aka “It’s Spring now, where’s my app already?!”)

We know it’s annoying to have to read about updates to the iOS app when the Android version isn’t out yet. All we can say is that we now have two developers flat-out on Android and we still intend to hit our target release date of late May/June. If that changes, we’ll let you know loud and clear!

Anything else?

With this 1.2 update, we’ve been able to add almost all the features we’d hoped to get into the core version of Zombies, Run! – which means we’re done!

Nah, just kidding. We have plenty more to come – not just the final 30th story mission (and perhaps more!) but lots of new features that we haven’t even talked about here. Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to increase the Zombies, Run! team and plan some genuinely awesome stuff that should be rolling out in the next few months… so get ready to run!