Calling all Radio Abel Listeners!

Dear Radio Abel Listeners,

Thanks for listening to Jack and Eugene on Radio Abel and for all your kind feedback on their show. It means a lot to everyone here at Zombies, Run! HQ that you’re enjoying the game and the stories we’re telling. It means so much to us, in fact, that we want you to get involved.

Beginning today, we’ll be accepting your calls and recordings for Jack and Eugene to use on Radio Abel. With the improvements the guys have been making to the comms shack (all thanks to the supplies all you Runner 5s are bringing in!), they’re now able to record and playback stories, questions and opinions from survivors outside Abel, and we’d love you to be those survivors!

So follow the instructions below to call in or submit a recording of yourself and get your voice on Radio Abel. We won’t be able to use every recording we receive, but we’ll do our best to make sure the guys feature as many people as we can. To increase your chances of being featured:

  • Make sure your recording is as high-quality as possible. Try to call from a reliable phone line, or to record your voice using a decent microphone in a fairly echo-less room. For best results, record in a place with as many soft furnishings as possible, or even under your duvet!

  • Try to tell an interesting or personal story, but remember: Radio Abel has to cover things that are related to the Gray Plague and the downfall of civilisation in general. If you’re struggling to come up with something, try answering one (or more!) of these questions:

    • Where were you at the time of the outbreak?
    • How did you survive?
    • Did you lose anyone important in the outbreak?
    • What survival tips do you have for Radio Abel listeners?
    • Do you have any funny stories from the road?
  • Do not say where you are calling from – we obviously need your recordings to fit within the fiction of the game, and you won’t know what we have planned…

  • Don’t comment on what’s happened in the story or with the characters, but feel free to comment on topics that Jack and Eugene have covered in their show!

  • Try to keep your stories and tips short. Radio Abel’s segments are no longer than 2 minutes, so if we can’t fit your story and some reaction from the boys into a 2-minute-period, we won’t be able to feature you. And don’t feel the need to stretch it out to 2 minutes either – we’re very keen to feature stories as short as 15 or 30 seconds!

  • If you like, you can leave us multiple recordings for different stories, tips, or opinions.

All you need to do is call one of the numbers below and follow the instructions on the phone-line!

Call (315) 895-1949 from North America, or +44 (0)20 7183 8664 for the UK. Alternatively, you can send us an audio file to (10MB max).

We look forward to hearing your stories soon! There’s no deadline since we want this to be an ongoing feature, but if you want to be featured in our next set of material, you’ll need to submit by 30th April.

Stay safe out there!