Six to Start has moved office – which explains why we’ve been so quiet this week! For the past few months we’ve been working out of a spare bedroom (not the one on Channel 4 though) and with the arrival of George Thomas, our new web developer, we needed to find a bigger space.

Our new office definitely qualifies – it’s split over two levels, meaning that we’re able to set up a small recording studio on the ground floor with our main office upstairs. We’ve already made it into a home with everyone finding their favourite spots and Adrian repurposing an big, odd, immovable shelf into a standing desk. There’s still more space for extra people, which is great since we’re hoping to hire more mobile developers (get in touch if this is you!).

Having our own studio will make it a lot easier to record extra missions and radio episodes for Zombies, Run! We’ll be kicking this off later this month, starting off with missions for our upcoming Beginner 5k pack, so we’ll be sure to get some photos and videos of the magic in action, with Naomi here for the rehearsals as well!