Run Log: London Virtual Race Meetup

This Saturday, Runners from around the UK gathered in London, coming together to run this year’s halloween Virtual Race as one big happy Abel family. Don’t they look grand in their matching Tomorrow Island race shirts? 

They were joined by the voice of Sam Yao himself – Philip Nightingale – who sent the Runners off with the traditional cry of “Raise the Gates!”, and bestowed them with their medals at the end. 

If you’re yet to join the race, you have just a few days left to secure your entry! Head over to the store now to make sure you don’t miss out on your exclusive race shirt, awesome finisher’s medal, and our most exciting race mission yet

Welcome to Tomorrow Island – and our Halloween Virtual Race!

Can you survive the horrors of a billionaire’s paradise where the hunters have become the hunted? It’s time to book your ticket for Tomorrow Island, the destination of our thrilling Halloween Virtual Race!

YOUR MISSION: Recover tech essential for the survival of humanity from a theme park of fantastical animal hybrids.

THE SITUATION: We think the site is still secure, but there’s no telling what’s happened since the zombie virus took over…

This Halloween, you’ll be venturing into an island of wonders… and horrors! Luckily, you’ll have Abel Township’s finest beside you, across two thrilling training missions and a 5k/10k virtual race.

Our virtual races take place in a location and time of your choice: walk, jog or run wherever you are! And with the story set during Season 1, it’s perfect for all players.

All entrants get a Medal and 16-page Tomorrow Island Colouring Book, plus a finisher’s certificate, briefing card, story emails, and training tips!

Want more? Add on pro-spec tech shirts in unisex and women’s fits, hoodies, tanktops, personalised shirts – and for the first time, a Zombies, Run! Neck Gaiter!

But there’s more! You can also enter our epic Fall ‘16 & Spring ’17 races! Infiltrate the mysterious Xia-Hifa Corporation, and join the European Rescue Force at the dawn of the zombie apocalypse. They’re available together as a bundle for $30!

Will you survive Tomorrow Island this Halloween…?

Spring 2018 Virtual Race Shirts in the Shop!


Missed out on the Spring 2018 Virtual Race? Want to get your hands on an extra shirt? Now’s your chance, as we’ve made the last Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve t-shirts available on the ZR Shop!

Featuring athletic wicking fabric, and an exclusive Tactical Zombie Division design on the front and back, it’s the perfect addition to any running wardrobe.

Visit the ZR Shop to get yours!

Be quick: once we sell out, they’re gone forever…

The Spring 2018 Virtual Race is here!

The Crown Jewels have been stolen under the cover of the zombie apocalypse!

Under the command of Runner 8 – Sara Smith – you’ve been recruited to the Queen’s Own Royal Guards: Tactical Zombie Division to catch the thieves and discover their plans…

All entries include our very first double-sided medal, plus our first enamel pin, certificate, briefing card, two training missions, and more! 

Plus we have a great range of race gear including short and long-sleeve tech shirts (both unisex and women’s fits), personalised shirts, tank tops, and hoodies. There’s even a stylish black mug!

Even better, our first two Virtual Races are now on sale as a bundle! People have been asking about buying entry to these races for a long time, and we’re really happy to have finally figured out a way of doing it well. Entry includes a new exclusive enamel pin for each race, plus our classic Abel Township “defensive tea towel”, briefing cards, and certificates.

And if you’ve already have entry to one of these races, you’ll be glad to know that we provide individual gift codes for each race, which means you can send your spare one to a friend.

The Spring 2018 Virtual Race is set during the early days of Season 1, so there are no spoilers for the rest of the story. That means please do take care with posting spoilers or speculation, for obvious reasons!

We’re really excited about this race, we think it’s going to be a huge amount of fun with a character that we’ve all wanted to hear more from. Sign up, join the Tactical Zombie Division, and get ready to race from April 19-30!

Halloween Virtual Race Update

Adrian from Six to Start here! As you may know, we’re working with a new supplier for this race – Scalable Press. They’re a print-on-demand company that ships worldwide, and they have a much larger stock of garments – that’s how we’re able to offer far more fits and sizes and personalised options than in the past. 

Most people have been happy with their garments, but we know that there have been some problems, specifically with the hoodies and tanktops. We’ve already updated the designs on those (made them more colourful and brighter) and tweaked the garments so they’ll look better. 

However, we’re really keen to make sure you’re happy with whatever you buy, so if you aren’t happy, please do email with photos and we will try and make it right.

Celeb Chase Virtual Race – Enter Now!


We’re very excited to let you know that we’ve partnered with the charity Stand Up to Cancer (part of Cancer Research UK) to create an all new Virtual Race! It’s called the Celeb Chase Virtual Race and runs from 29 June – 9 July.

Entries are available now for £30 + £3 worldwide shipping, and £22 of that is a donation to Stand Up to Cancer. This will fund translational research specifically designed to turn breakthroughs in the lab into treatments and tests that help people with cancer.

All entries come with a t-shirt, medal, and of course, audio-based training and race missions through our Racelink app. Perfect to tide you over ‘til the next ZR race, and all in support of a fantastic cause.

Head over to the Celeb Chase Virtual Race website for more info!

Spring 2017 Virtual Race: The Results

The Spring 2017 Virtual Race has now come to an end! Runners from over 53 countries suited up and became Rescue 5 to battle hostile hospitals, raging fires, and strange goings on in the Channel Tunnel.

We had over 2,500 leaderboard entries, and let’s take a look at the fastest operatives in the European Rescue Force:


Of course, the Force is all about teamwork, and together, runners racked up some impressive stats:


Phew, that’s a lot of Eiffel Towers to scale!

We loved hearing from runners, those who were competing in a 5k or 10k for the first time, and those beating their personal best times! That, and everyone jumping out of their skin at a certain part of the story…

Here’s a smattering of the fantastic medal pictures we were sent on Instagram and Twitter:

We’re getting ourselves ready for the Fall 2016 race – sign up here to get an email when entries are open!

Again, thanks for everyone who took part, and we’ll see you for the next race!

Join the new ZR Virtual Race

Races are fun, aren’t they? Running alongside thousands of people, motivating yourself to run faster and train more. Getting up at 6am to travel to the race start. Queueing for the toilets. No wait, those bits are awful!

Which is why we’ve made the Zombies, Run! Virtual Race! It’s a 5 or 10k race in April that you can run wherever you are, with exclusive training and race missions! 

The story is set during the early days of the zombie apocalypse: a train has stopped in the Channel Tunnel, carrying five hundred souls on board… and one zombie. Saving them will take high-tech exoskeletons, the European Rescue Force, and you.

Your name? Rescue 5.

Not only do entrants get a fantastic running tee and a finisher’s medal, but you get issue 1 of the Zombies, Run! Comic!

Want to take part? Sign up now!