ZR 5K Training 2.0 is here!

iPhone users: Weeks 4+ are wrongly locked for existing paid users. A fix will be out very soon!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – our first major update to ZR 5K Training in five years! ZR5K is one of our most beloved apps, made specifically for people who are new to running. It combines a professionally-designed couch to 5k training plan with the fantastic, motivating storytelling you love from Zombies, Run!

The story is set in between the first two episodes of Season 1, making it a prologue to the main app. Doc Myers is in charge of your training, and you’ll hear from Sam and the rest of the gang at Abel. Of course, things will get a bit more complicated than a simple training plan – but you’ll have to get the app to find out what happens…

Check out some of the new features we have in store on both iPhone and Android:

That’s not all!

  • Overall Progress Report
  • Apple Health & Google Fit syncing
  • Countdown Timer
  • Android Wear 2.0 support
  • Apple Watch support (coming soon)
  • Improved GPS, step counting, and constant pace tracking
  • Syncs with “new” ZombieLink (no more login confusion!)
  • Redesigned modern look and feel
  • Shiny new app icon

Naturally, this is a free update for all existing users. If you have an iPhone, simply update the app. On Android? Download the new app and update the old app (which you’ll need to keep on your phone as an “unlocker”). Your 5K run progress will sync over from ZombieLink, and we’ll also attempt to sync from existing apps.

Wait, there’s more! Zombies, Run! 5K Training is now free to download for everyone! New users get the first three weeks of workouts for free and can unlock the remaining five weeks for a one-time purchase of $3.99 USD – so if there’s someone in your life who wants to start running, this is the app for them!

Download ZR5K for free for iPhone & Android

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m upgrading on Android, why do I need to keep the old app installed?

Short answer: So we can verify you bought the old app and unlock all the workouts in the new (free) app. We’ll soon be updating the old app so it’s much, much smaller and just serves as an unlocker app. This update will also allow us to port over run logs from the old to the new app without ZombieLink.

Long answer: On iOS, apps can check to see if a user has a ‘paid receipt’ and then unlock content based on that. You can’t do that on Android! So if we made the old app free, we wouldn’t know whether you’d paid any money for it, which means you’d have to buy the $3.99 unlock like new users do. We think that’s unfair, so we’re going down this route. 

We’ve talked directly to the Google Play team about problem, and they agree that this solution is the best (or ‘least worst’).

My run logs aren’t syncing properly from Classic ZombieLink!

We’re working on fixing this right now!

I just updated on iPhone and Weeks 4+ are locked – what gives?

This is a bug. If you originally paid for the app, our intention is that you don’t have to pay us again. We’ll be releasing a bug fix as soon as we can – within days!

If you’re having other problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support @ zombiesrungame.com!

5k Training Launches in July!

We’ve already teased you with some sneak peeks, but it’s time to come clean. The huge new update for our 5k Training app is launching in late July. That’s enough time to ready yourself for training with Maxine, Sam & the gang!


This update comes with a ton of shiny new features, including:

  • External Music Player support, so you can listen to Spotify, Pandora or Google Play Music while you train.
  • Sophisticated tracking methods to match Zombies, Run!, such as Constant Pace, mapped GPS and more reliable Step Counter.
  • No more fiddling with Classic – all 5k Training data will synchronise directly with the main ZombieLink website!
  • Show off post-run selfies with new sharing screens!
  • See how far you’ve come without checking the website, with the Progress Report.

And more…but you’ll have to wait until July to experience them all!

This update will be released for both iPhone and Android. If you previously bought 5k Training, you won’t have to purchase it again – this is a free update

We’ll be posting an announcement the day it launches so you don’t miss out on training with us!