ZombieLink Run Logs, Redesigned

If you check your run logs on ZombieLink, you’ll notice a brand new design that fits perfectly with our new look for ZombieLink!

Run logs now show a wide range of run and game statistics, with a much cleaner and mobile-friendly way of seeing all the events and story clips from your run.

Run log with timeline and map

These new designs work for runs with and without maps, and apply to every one of your run logs synced to ZombieLink. They’re already live for all players, and they’re another part of our ongoing redesign of ZombieLink as a whole.

As part of the redesign, we’ve removed the pace/speed graph on run logs with maps. These were a bit buggy in the old version, and we’re focusing on improving those kinds of stats in run logs in the app.

Run log without a map

It’s free to sign up for a ZombieLink account – no subscription is required – and it’s a great way to view your activity on a big screen, along with safely backing up your progress.