Introducing The Graveyard Route by Jonny Sims

Hello horror fans and welcome to our very special five-part Halloween New Adventure, The Graveyard Route!

A podcast tour of the picturesque Pittford Cemetery seems like the perfect way to spend an evening. But as the night draws in, there are voices in the shadows and a dark past that should not be forgotten. You have the Sight, and the inhabitants of the cemetery are grateful to tell you the tales of woe and misfortune which brought them to rest here. A poor woman whose foresight made her a pariah. A wealthy heir whose unsavoury pastimes led to ruin. A pious nun whose visions heralded terrible tragedy.

Are you able to help them, or will your Sight bring just as much ruin to you?

It’s written by Jonathan Sims, writer and lead actor of hit horror podcast The Magnus Archives, and author of Thirteen Stories and the brand new Family Business.

Episode 1 launches on Tuesday October 25th!

How to get The Graveyard Route

The Graveyard Route is completely free, and exclusively available in the Zombies, Run! app on Android and iPhone. You can download Zombies, Run! for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, select an episode, and join the tour!

You won’t be surprised to hear that Zombies, Run! is designed around running. That’s how our main story works – you run in the real world accompanied by a thrilling zombie apocalypse audio adventure, and when you get chased by zombies, you have to speed up! The Graveyard Route is also designed to be listened to while you walk, jog, or run – and even better, our wide range of tracking settings mean this story is accessible for almost everyone.

Whether you feel like running or not, you can choose the distance or length of time you’d like each episode to last for. If you are running, choose our GPS and Step Counting options; and if you aren’t, just choose “Simulate running”. There’s no speed requirement, and you’ll never be penalised for not being fast enough. And if you pick a music playlist, we’ll fill the time between story clips with your creepiest tunes!

Live Twitch Event!

A microphone, pair of headphones, and camera on a table
Photo by Stanley Li on Unsplash

To celebrate this special set of missions, you can join us for a conversation between director, Ella Watts, creative lead Matt Wieteska, and Jonathan Sims himself. Catch it over on our Twitch channel on October 26th 8pm, just after the release of Episode 1!

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