Join Jack & Eugene’s World Tour!

Join your favourite radio hosts, Jack & Eugene, on their epic journey to Abel Township. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll run! 9 missions. 3 races. 1 glorious adventure.

That’s right: Jack & Eugene’s World Tour is three times bigger than any of our previous virtual races, and will run throughout 2021! (and it won’t even be the only virtual race we run this year – but that’s a story for another time…)

The race is available to all VIP members, and if you haven’t signed up yet (or you want to treat your friends!), check out our new twin-pack and 6-month VIP membership gift options! You can also sign up to VIP in your app by tapping More > Membership.

Grab the J+E Pack…

Jack & Eugene's World Tour reversible medal, affirmation cards, ticket stub, four button badges, flyer, and temporary tattoos

Since this is our biggest race, it was only fitting that we make our biggest souvenir pack ever

Whether you’re a first time caller or a long time listener to Radio Abel, you’ll love the gorgeous double-sided medal, all-new Affirmation Cards, temporary tattoo sheet (with shippo!), button badges, running bib, and so much more!

Sure, it might seem a bit odd for the boys to be assembling these, but self-care’s an essential part of survival, even during a zombie apocalypse…

…And Get the Gear!

Jack and Eugene's World Tour shortsleeve shirt front and back, mug, and unicorn tote

Tell the world you’re definitely not a zombie with our fantastic tech shirts and tank-tops! Decorated with Jack and Eugene’s trademark ‘Radio Abel’ flair, you’ll be met with open arms by their fans and friends during your runs across the country.

And don’t miss our tote bag for all the tour merch you’ll collect, plus a mug for that early morning or late night Radio Abel listening!

New Ways to Buy and Gift VIP

Illustration of 6 Months VIP twin pack card

Sign up or give the gift of VIP starting from just $49.99 – now available in twin packs and 6 month durations! It’s the best way to bring your crew on Jack & Eugene’s World Tour and show them what they’ve been missing with our 11 other virtual races!